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8 Filipino Stars Who Got Their Own Billboard In South Korea

Look up there.

From BGYO, DonBelle, Vice Ganda, and more, these Filipino stars went international with a billboard in South Korea.

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Filipino celebrities are used to having their faces plastered on billboards and commercials all across the country. Drive along EDSA, and you’ll see at least five famous faces on billboards. But while it’s one thing to see a local celebrity on a billboard in the Philippines, it’s a whole different feeling to see these household names get their very own billboard in other parts of the world. And in particular, the past couple of years have seen quite a few local stars get their names and faces shown on billboards in Seoul, South Korea. It’s already an honor to get your own billboard. But to be able to be seen and promoted in another country is the next level. Here then are some Filipino stars who got featured on a billboard in Seoul.


From relative obscurity to the biggest thing in P-pop, SB19 has seen its fanbase reach many different countries. So, it’s little surprise then that they got their own billboard in South Korea. Thanks to the K-pop website Idol Pick (you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on this list), SB19 was able to be featured on a digital billboard in Seoul. Their dedicated fans also helped get Stell, Justin, and Ken their own birthday billboards in the city. Fun fact: Ken became the first Filipino idol to have a billboard in South Korea thanks to his birthday billboard in January 2021.


DonBelle’s fans, called Bubblies, go hard for their fave love team. In fact, their fans have even sponsored billboards for the duo in countries around the world. And that includes South Korea. Aside from raising funds to get their own billboards up, DonBelle’s fans also got the hot-as-fire loveteam on Idol Pick’s digital billboard after voting for them on their website.


Vice Ganda is a familiar face on billboards, even in South Korea. Thanks to his fans voting for him on Idol Pick, the unkabogable star was featured on a billboard in Seoul alongside major Korean stars.


Idol Pick strikes again thanks to the hard work of BGYO’s fans, the ACES. Not only was BGYO named Best International Artist, but they also got to be featured on a digital billboard in Seoul for three whole days. Their fans have also gotten other members, like JL, on a billboard in Seoul to celebrate their birthday. We love a thoughtful fandom.


Dedicated fans can get their faves on nearly anything in this world. For 2022’s breakout loveteam KDLex, that means a billboard in South Korea. Their fans made sure to vote for the duo on Idol Pick which led them to win not once, but multiple times. Not only were they named Best International Artist, but they also got some featured airtime on the billboard as well as subway ads. Come through promo.


A-list singer Morissette is no stranger to South Korea. She’s performed in the country in the past and even met a few K-pop idols like SEVENTEEN. Her Korean adventures also include getting featured on a billboard in the country. Thanks to her fans voting on Idol Pick, Morissette got a birthday billboard ad earlier this year. She was also named Best International Artist which got her yet another billboard in Korea.

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