Kristel Fulgar Finally Met Her Ultimate Idol Seo In-Guk And It Was Core Memory Worthy

Siri, play MY LOVE by Seo In-Guk.

Dreams do come true for Kristel Fulgar as she had the best fan girl experience of interviewing her biggest idol, Seo In-Guk.

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Celebrities, they’re just like us. Even when stars have legions of loving fans, they too also consider themselves stans of other stars and personalities. Your faves have faves and when they get to meet them, it can become an emotional experience. That is what Kristel Fulgar recently found herself in when she got the opportunity to interview her number one Korean bias, singer and actor Seo In-Guk. And let’s just say that it was a moment Kristel will probably never forget.


A few weeks ago, Kristel teased on her Instagram that she got to be on a video chat with Seo In-Guk, a moment she described as a fan girl dream come true. And just recently, she showed us the full extent of her sana all moment by posting the full interview on her YouTube channel. It turns out that Kirstel was tapped by Warner Music Asia to interview the Reply series actor as he was promoting his recently released new single album, LOVE&LOVE, his first in five years. It’s a good thing then that they asked Kristel to interview him because she truly is one of his biggest angels in the world.

As she shared in the vlog, Kristel fell in love with In-Guk all the way back when he won Superstar K and has continued that love for over 10 years now. Her adoration for the idol-actor is so intense that Kristel sees him as her ultimate idol crush and doesn’t see herself being this big of a fan to other Hallyu stars. Expounding on her love for In-Guk, Kristel shared that she finds his voice magical and would only listen to his songs during her college years. She flew to Korea just to attend his 10th anniversary concert and even began learning how to speak Hangul mainly because she wanted to understand him better.


Kristel was understandably nervous before the interview, but she managed to not let the nerves get the best of her. She chatted with In-Guk in a mix of English and Korean. Even though she only had 15 minutes for the interview, she was able to ask him a range of questions, as well as share her love and admiration for him. They even got to take a virtual picture together. Like with any die-hard fan who just met their ultimate idol, Kristel cried after meeting him and expressed how dreams really do come true. She then went on to thank all the people who helped her with the interview.

Kristel Fulgar is no stranger to Hallyu culture. She can speak the language, she has been to the country multiple times, and she even achieved a major dream last wear when she directed her very first K-drama inspired web series. But getting to meet and interview Seo In-Guk will most likely be top of her list. Now, the only thing we need know is for Kristel and In-Guk to meet in person to make for the experience of a lifetime.

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