7 Sizzling Highlights From The Star Magic Hot Summer Party 2023

Summer just got even hotter.

From fierce looks that left everyone drooling to blazing performances, here are some of the highlight of the first-ever Star Magic Hot Summer: LaHot Sexy party that will make your summer even hotter.

After the dreamy Star Magical Prom, Star Magic is back with another star-studded event, and this time it’s aimed at turning the sweltering summer heat even hotter. Dubbed as the hottest event of the season, Star Magic’s Hot Summer: LaHot Sexy bikini ball gathered dozens of its artists in their fiery summer ‘fits on May 4, at The Island at The Palace in Taguig City. 

And as the event’s name suggests, it was not just a night of glitz and glamour but also one that celebrated the diverse and multifaceted meanings of beauty. “Slay in any shape, any size, any age,” was the guiding principle of the summer party, with goals of breaking the stigma and redefining beauty standards while also championing beauty diversity. 

And this was all front and center at the hot-red event where Filipino celebrities came prepared to serve at the strip with confidence that singed everyone in attendance and, most especially, the netizens. ICYMI, here are some of the highlights of the inaugural Star Magic Hot Summer party that would make you wanna get on those swimsuits and just feel sexy. 

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One of the hottest subjects online during the grand summer party is Anji Salvacion. With the trending hashtag “NASAYO NA LAHOT ANJI” staying on the charts even after the event, it’s clear that Anji’s appeal is irresistible. Her queenly look, resembling an ethereal and fierce mermaid in a red ensemble, was undoubtedly the epitome of summer glow in human form.

And it’s not just Anji’s stunning look that captivated audiences. Her message about beauty is also something to take note of. When asked about how social media shapes our perception of beauty and body image, Anji had this to say: “At the end of the day, what makes us sexy and beautiful is our roots.” She encouraged everyone to embrace themselves, especially their roots, because that’s what makes them unique and attractive. As she put it, “Kasi kung anong meron ka, mapalabas man o mapaloob, sexy ka at maganda ka.”


Star Magic’s pop diva Maymay Entrata also set the strip on fire as she sizzled in a black summer outfit. Not only did she turn heads with her killer look, but she also shared some wise words about confidence and self-belief. “Naniniwala po ako na trust is confidence po talaga,” the ultimate kabogera said. “Kapag confident ka sa sarili mo, nandoon na ‘yong courage mo na kaya mo nang i-‘autodeadma’ lahat ng fears, lahat ng doubt, at kahit anong negatibo po na humahadlang sa pag-abot ng pangarap mo.” And of course, being the true pop star that she is, Maymay closed out the summer party on a fiery note with a performance of her latest single, AUTODEADMA.


Speaking of performances, more major highlights of the first-ever Star Magic Hot Summer party were Star Magic’s sibling P-pop groups BINI and BGYO. The energy levels were through the roof as BINI kicked off the strip walk with their empowering tracks B HU U R and No Fear, while BGYO brought the house down with their electrifying performances of Sabay and Tumitigil ang Mundo. Not only that, both groups also became hot topics online, especially the fierce catwalks of BINI member Aiah and BGYO’s ace Gelo that had everyone cheering.


Vivoree and Brent Manalo, popularly known as ViBrent, were undeniably a hot topic at the Star Magic Hot Summer party as well. The pair not only looked like summer royalty but also exuded a fiery energy that had everyone talking. Vivoree, dressed in an elegant white summer dress with a pearl headpiece, and Brent, who looked both feisty and dapper in his red backless suit, set hearts ablaze with their chemistry. Even hours after the event, the hashtag “LaHottest Vibrent Summer” continued to trend online as fans couldn’t stop swooning over their connection.

Aside from their stunning looks and electric chemistry, Vivoree and Brent also shared some inspiring words for those who are struggling with their self-esteem. Brent emphasized the importance of self-worth, saying that as long as you know who you are, you should always reassure yourself that “you’re perfect just the way you are.” Vivoree echoed this sentiment by encouraging everyone to be their own source of encouragement and positivity. With all these, we’re really not surprised that ViBrent was hailed as LaHottest King and Queen First Runner Up.


During the Star Magic Hot Summer: LaHot Sexy party, TV Production Head Laurenti Dyogi took the stage to express his gratitude to Ria Atayde for inspiring the progressive and meaningful campaign of the event. As a vocal advocate against unrealistic beauty standards, Ria has been a role model for plus-size women, encouraging them to be confident in their own skin. Her beliefs and values made her the perfect host for such an important event, emphasizing the importance of embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes. Ria’s stunning beauty also earned her the first award of the evening, the “LaHottest Photo of 2023,” with her Metro Body photo proving to be the sexiest of them all.


In a world that often idealizes a certain standard of beauty, the Star Magic Summer Party aimed to promote body positivity and celebrate diversity in all forms. The inclusion of transgender women artists in the event was a powerful statement that beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, and identities. Slaying the strip were stylist Patty Yap, Pinoy Big Brother alumna Raf Juane, television director Jojo Saguin, and beauty queen Anne Patricia Lorenzo. Trans rights advocate Mela Habijan was also part of the “LaHot Sexy” campaign.

“It’s not important what your physical appearance is, what matters is how beautiful you are inside,” Patty reasons. Meanwhile, Ann encouraged everyone to embrace their flaws and appreciate their uniquely beautiful bodies: “And from the moment that you learn how to embrace and appreciate your flaws, that’s also the exact moment that you will realize that you are sexy.”


The Star Magic Summer Party wouldn’t be complete without some attendees taking home awards for their remarkable presence and confidence at the event. Proving to be the most confident of them all at the Hot Summer: LaHot Sexy event Anne Patricia Lorenzo, Jane Oineza, Karina Bautista, Joseph Marco, and Alora Sasam, who all took home the LaHottest Confidence Special Awards.

And, the moment that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived, with the announcement of the winners of the coveted LaHottest King and Queen title, which was voted by fans and viewers. PBB alums Chico Alicaya and Chie Filomeno landed the second runner-up spots, while Vivoree and Brent Manalo took home the first runner-up positions. Meanwhile, Eian Rances and Isabel Laohoo made history as the first-ever LaHottest King and Queen grand winners.

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