Vivoree Is Fearlessly In Love In Her Latest Track, ‘Matapang’

In her matapang girl era.

Entering a new chapter of her musical career, Vivoree Esclito is now ready to be a braver and bolder artist.

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What’s the bravest thing you ever did for love? 

In Vivoree Esclito’s comeback solo track, Matapang, you’ll get just the right motivation to never hold back in fully expressing your feelings. The track also marks the singer-actress-performer’s return to the music scene, entering a new era of her career. A bolder and braver Vivoree is here and we’re so ready for it. 


“It’s a song about being brave in love,” shares Vivoree in a statement. “Let’s say may gusto ka sa isang tao or mahal mo yung isang tao, nung una ‘di mo alam kung paano i-express [yung feelings] at takot ka pa. Pero in the long run, you’d have the courage to admit to yourself na ‘okay gusto ko itong taong ‘to.”

Vivoree Esclito during filming of her new song, Matapang
Photo from Star Music PH

A couple of weeks ago the Pinoy Big Brother alum and Rise Artists Studio talent released her latest track, Matapang, signaling another fresh chapter in her career as a pop soloist. And just in time for love month last February, Matapang was a welcome addition to our OPM playlists of gentle yet powerful romantic songs that will give us all the feels and a reason to believe in love once more.

Composed by Danielle Balagtas, Matapang also sees Vivoree Esclito taking a new and exciting course in her musical journey. “‘Yung mga songs ko before and the way I project myself, iba talaga kasi inosenteng Vivoree pa yung nakilala ng mga tao,” she says. “This time, it’s a different version of me, mas matapang at mas may strength na to speak up for herself and her personal experiences.”

Natatakot akong mawala ka / Natatakot akong makasama / Bugso ng damdamin ‘di mapigilan / Sigaw ng puso / ikaw na lang sana.” Combining mellow beats and a sweet-sounding melody with some pensive (and tbh, relatable) lyrics, Matapang ultimately gives off this dreamy and cathartic vibe, like when you’re finally confessing your feelings to a special someone. This magic is further captured in the song’s music video, where Vivoree and Brent Manalo find love in a mystical tone as that of a fairy tale. 

As revealed in one of her tweets, Matapang is “just the beginning” of the exciting times ahead for Vivoree as she’ll be releasing her debut solo EP this year. The He’s Into Her and Tara, G! actress has also released a new performance video for Matapang, showing us the all-around performer that she is. Plus, she ticks a box off of her bucket list with her debut performance at Wish 107.5 bus.

Meanwhile, while we’re all waiting for Vivoree Esclito’s much-awaited solo EP, you can stream Matapang now on all streaming platforms and summon the courage you badly need to fall in love.

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