Anji Salvacion And Brent Manalo’s First Music Video Together Is Feel-Good Vibes

That dancing scene get's a 10/10.

Anji Salvacion and Brent Manalo said, “if kilig is what you want, kilig is what you get” with the COY music video.

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Anji Salvacion and Brent Manalo are shaping up to have a great 2022. Anji, of course, saw her star rise exponentially thanks to winning the latest season of Pinoy Big Brother. As for Brent, he has been climbing the ranks as one of the generation’s newest acting heartthrobs.

But one thing that we didn’t expect was how Anji and Brent would become one of the newest love teams to follow. Over the months, fans have shipped the two, and TBH, we can see it. And this October, this love team went to a new level as we finally got the first music video starring the two. And they made sure to give us the kilig we needed.


On October 14, Tarsier Records dropped Pinoy R&B star Kyla and Brian McKnight Jr.’s heart-fluttering single COY (Cuz Of You). The R&B-pop ballad, which was written by McKnight Jr., combines the musical prowess of the two musicians to create a dreamy love song on the calmness of being with that special someone. So, when it came time for the music video, it needed to feature a couple who can bring out those lovey-dovey vibes. This is why they chose none other than Anji and Brent to star in it.

Directed by Mark Puitan, the video starts with Anji and Brent’s characters on a date. The cardboard illuminated with lights and photos of the couple covers their background as the two go on a fancy date night. Red seems to be the evening’s color as Anji looks stunning in a red dress while Brent is dashing in his suit. Aside from sharing a meal and drinks, the two give each other a gift. Anji gives Brent a scarf while Brent gives Anji a portable electric fan. But by the video’s conclusion, the twist reveals itself as it turns out both characters are in different parts of the world. Their makeshift date night was via online call.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as the two imagine themselves together. We then get a lovely scene of Anji and Brent dancing romantically together as they step out of the shadows into the spotlight. Even though it only lasted thirty seconds, it was more than enough. It made for an overall simple yet charming concept. Anji and Brent can’t be together, but their love for each other is as strong as ever. So, as the track reaches its climax, we get the dancing scene which was further immortalized as it was used as the song’s official cover art.


Anji and Brent didn’t have to do too much as their natural chemistry did all the talking. There’s a balanced energy the two bring as Anji’s demure, sweet girl vibe complements Brent’s more assured aura. The duo’s moment together in each other’s arms was the highlight of the whole MV. The AnjiBrent agenda got another win with this music video. Here’s hoping this won’t be the last of it. Who knows, when Anji films her next music video, it might star Brent, too.

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