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Here’s Why Anji Salvacion Deserves To Be PBB Kumunity Season 10’s Big Winner

And that's on proving the haters wrong.

From up-and-coming singer to multiple evictee nominee, rising star, and now PBB Season 10 Big Winner, Anji Salvacion did THAT!

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Life has a funny way or working doesn’t it? While some may say that certain things can be set in stone, history has proven time and time again that your journey can zag when you expect it to zig. Prior to 2021, most people didn’t know who Anji Salvacion was who at the time was a member of the Squad Plus and a performer on ASAP.

So, when she was cast in the celebrity edition of PBB Kumunity Season 10, she wasn’t tipped as an obvious front runner as compared to her fellow housemates with brighter star power. But PBB is known for letting the underdogs rise to the top. Months later, Anji Salvacion is now the Big Winner of the entire season.


On May 29, PBB season 10 held its Big Night, the culmination of its celebrity, adult, and teen editions with one of the final five housemates set to be named the Big Winner. In the end, the crown went to Anji Salvacion and the race wasn’t even close. She won with a landslide 40.42% of the combined votes. And just like that, Anji Salvacion was Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10’s Big Winner. In addition to the title, Anji also took home a hefty check of two million pesos. At the runner-up position was adult housemate Isabel Laohoo with 18.2% of the vote followed by Samantha Bernardo at 16.28%. Teen housemate Rob Blackburn was fourth with 4.01% while Brenda Mage was last at fifth with 1.91% of the vote.

Dressed in a gorgeous yellow tulle gown, Anji was understandably emotional when she was named the Big Winner. As she made her way down the stage, she was greeted by her equally emotional mom. “It’s is not the title but it’s how people trusted me,” said Anji during her speech while fighting back tears. “That’s my biggest, biggest blessing. How people look up to me and no words can express… Tagumpay ang plano!”


Aside from crowning an overall winner, many of the past Big Winner housemates were present as well. The housemates from the celebrity, adult, and teen editions of season 10 were also there for a nice reunion. Among the many there included KDLex, as well as a much needed SamLy moment. Seeing Alyssa Valdez there also made us think how this season would have ended if she didn’t decide to forge her spot to compete in the 2021 SEA Games. She was the TOTGA of the season in our hearts. If ever there was a PBB All-Stars, we hope Alyssa gets included. The night also had its fair share of performances from acts like BINI, BGYO, and EZ Mil.

In general, the whole of season 10 was fun watch that definitely gave us real life teleserye energy. It also introduced to us a new generation of stars to keep an eye out for. After all, we have this season to thank for giving us KDLex.

For anyone who has followed Anji’s journey in PBB, you know that her time on the show was anything but easy. The “Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao” had a rollercoaster of an experience, dealing with her fair share of issues and criticisms, including being nominated for eviction multiple times. In fact, she battled haters both within and outside the house. But as Nicki Minaj famously said, “You can’t get rid of me b*tch!” Anji survived the eviction nights and became a fan favorite in the process as people started to fall in love with her thanks to her story, talents, and personality. It’s a deserved win to say the least. Now, with PBB win in hand, Anji Salvacion looks to follow on the same gilded path many of her past winners have walked on. Congratulations Anji!

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