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Anji Salvacion Has Us Longing For Home In The Music Video For Dalampasigan

"Maghihintay pa rin sa 'yo mahal ko."

With a simple yet meaningful music video, Anji Salvacion’s Dalampasigan takes us on an emotional journey of love, loss, and remembering.

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Growing up, we would always have those favorite places that we love to visit whenever we get the chance to. With fond memories connected, these places serve as reminders of good times. But for others, the reasons can go much deeper. Some associate certain places with childhood memories, people, or events. The place means so much to us because of the special compartment it holds in our hearts and how it helped shape us as a person. No matter where you go in life, you’ll never forget that place and even find yourself back there someday.

For Anji Salvacion, that special place is her hometown of Siargao, where she holds memories with her father. Doing what she does best, Anji decided to pen her feelings about all that into a song and the result is Dalampasigan, an earnest and heartfelt ode to her roots and hope of seeing her father again.


Originally written and composed during her stint on the most recent celebrity edition of Pinoy Big Brother, Dalampasigan was part of a fundraising campaign for the victims of Typhoon Odette. Anji wrote the song for Siargao and her family, both because she is from there and how the island was badly damaged during the storm. Following her stay on the show, Anji released the song officially and serves as her first single since.

With just a guitar and band production to back her up, Anji Salvacion tugged on the heartstrings of many with her track of family, home, and hope. Her moving voice portrays the story of a young woman hopeful that the little girl inside her will finally be happy with the dream of reuniting her with father who sadly has been missing for years now. Using the metaphor of the dalampasigan or seashore, Anji sees the place as where she comes back to seek comfort in.

No matter where you go, those special memories of your hometown and family will always be there to anchor you. And eventually, going back to where it all started will always be worth it. With the recently released music video for the song, Anji and her team visualized this message in a simple yet touching way.


Directed by Kashka, the music video starts off with Anji in her bed writing while baby photos of her adorn the wall, which is a nice callback to her roots. From there, the video splits into two storylines. The first is just Anji alone by the seaside dressed in all white. The other is her going on dates with her love interest, played Jhamil Villanueva, around the seaside.

Wonderfully shot, the scenes are graceful and effortless with Anji looking beautiful yet having this natural glow around her. The song and the music video aren’t just about being in love. It’s also about longing and reminiscing for someone. Jhamil’s character isn’t just a love interest, but can also serve as that person we hold dearly in our lives, whether it be family or friends. Anji and Jhamil are having a good time by the beach and sharing loving moments. And in the shots of Anji walking alone by the beach, we see that she’s looking back on the good times he had with him, or people who she holds close to her heart.


The dalampasigan will always be there as a place of solace and deliver the nostalgic vibe. The sound of the waves landing on the sandy shores, the smell of the open sea, the feeling of your feet touching the sand. It is a place of healing with beautiful memories of home and family. More importantly, for Anji Salvacion, it’s not all gloom and doom. It ends with the rays of the sunset touching Anji’s skin as she looks towards the sea, hopeful of better days ahead. You’re waiting for that person to be back and still have the faith.

Anji Salvacion wrote this song from a special place in her heart, as evidenced by the heartfelt letter she wrote after the release of the music video, so it’s little surprise that the track has resonated with many. It made us reminisce on our childhood memories and has us hopeful Anji will someday find that closure she’s been looking for. If you want to see more of Anji, you can catch her perform at the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Preliminaries on April 27 while her very first digital concert will be on April 30.

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