The Boys Of SB19 Being The Newest PBB “Housemates” Is Already One Of The Best Parts Of The Season

Note to self, make sure to bring ice cream when we meet SB19 in person.

SB19 has slayed on local and international stages. But can they conquer the PBB house as well?

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When it comes to Pinoy Big Brother, most of the action and drama usually comes from the housemates, of course. But every now and then, a special guest enters the famed house at the request of Kuya to either teach the housemates something or participate in a special activity. And for this week’s challenge of PBB Teens Edition, a little bit of both happened. PBB initially teased that two P-pop groups were entering the house, which was later confirmed to be powerhouse groups SB19 and MNL48.

Already, the season had it’s P-pop touch with former MNL48 member Gabb being part of the cast. But the participation of the group brought it to a new level. They were sent inside to teach the housemates song and routines to be performed for their upcoming Big Kumuniteen Summer Concert. But their appearance extended to more than just mentoring the teens as P-pop week at the Pinoy Big Brother house introduced a more personal and intimate view on the superstars.


While MNL48 entering the iconic house was already great, it felt even more special as it was a chance for Gabb to reunite with her former group mates. MNL48’s Ella, Jem, and Coleen were there to teach the female housemates the choreo for No Way Man. But their appearance got us a bit teary eyed as it also gave Gabb the motivational boost she needed. Seeing her being comforted by the members was so sweet and showed that Gabb will always have a special place in MNL48, even if she already graduated. While MNL48’s stay wasn’t that long, they did cook street food like squid balls as their parting gift to the housemates.



After MNL48, it was revealed that SB19 would enter the PBB house. But their participation was extra special as they wouldn’t just be teaching the housemates, but that they would also be living with them as well. After entering the house on April 27, they stayed for a few days as they served as mentors to the teens for their weekly task. Pablo has said that the group always wanted to enter the PBB house and clearly, they made the most of it. For starters, they had an entrance that was next levels extra as men in mysterious black robes entered the house before it was revealed to be SB19 who went on to perform Go Up. Tiff and Stephanie were the embodiment of A’TIN.

Thanks to the magic of uninterrupted live steaming via kumu, we got to see whole new facets to the P-pop kings. For starters, we got to see SB19 in their mentor mode as they share their talents and knowledge to the teens. Given how SB19 were once trainees themselves, this truly is a full-circle moment.

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While we do get SB19 in serious mode, we also see the group in their lighter, more wholesome side. Since we have a more unfiltered look at the boys, we get to see their more personal and natural sides, how they would act in real life more or less. It’s interesting to see how their individual personalities shine and how they treat each other. In particular, the way they treat Justin warms the heart.

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In general, seeing SB19 interact with other housemates, have fun, and be their true selves is a treat. Speaking of treat, SB19 being in PBB made us realize their near obsession with ice cream, especially Ken. But ice cream is ice cream and there’s no shame in enjoying the icy treat. It is often said that PBB is the teleserye ng totoong buhay and SB19 lived out the teleserye fantasy, even if it was just for a little while. Their stay on the show also hopefully gave people, both here and abroad, a look at the unique charms of the group and help them understand why they are considered as the P-pop kings.

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