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A Sparkle Between Them: 5 New Love Teams To Keep An Eye Out For This Year

New year, new love teams.

Love is in the air, at least when it comes to these love teams. From MavLine to AlFia, here are the new love teams that will make you feel kilig.

As the years go by, a new generation of stars come into the forefront ready to entertain and excite audiences. Now, we are introduced to a promising roster and young and up-and-coming stars ready to leave an impact in the world of movies, TV, music, social media, and many more. And in the conversation of entertainment, nothing sets our hearts aflutter than love teams. Besides, who can resist a good romance?

And with this, Sparkle Artist Center, GMA 7’s talent management arm, recently unveiled their new slate of love teams that will hopefully give you the kilig and feels this year and for the years to come. Composed of some of GMA’s most promising young stars, these young love teams are set to show their potential. Here are the pairings you should have on your radar.  

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Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi are no strangers to the entertainment industry. Kyline has been acting since she was a child and has made a name for herself as one of the new generation’s brightest stars. Mavy, on the other hand, comes from celebrity royalty. But he is slowly making a name for himself through his own efforts. The two were first paired as a love team during the recently aired I Left My Heart In Sorsogon where they charmed many with their chemistry, both on and off screen. With a promising future and relationship ahead of them, MavLine is one to watch out for.


Sofia Pablo is used to being in the limelight. She has worked her way into becoming one of the brightest stars on GMA, not to mention the fact that she’s also a TikTok star with over 7.9 million followers. Allen Ansay, meanwhile, got his career started when he appeared in the 7th season of StarStruck, eventually taking the title of First Prince. Together, the two have brightened many fans’ days to the point where they even have the nickname of Team Jolly. After first appearing together in Raya Sirena, the AlFia love team joined forces once more in Prima Donnas and are poised for big things in the future.


While Althea Ablan and Bruce Roeland aren’t household names, they have been in the industry for a while now. Both started their careers as a child stars. But as they enter young adulthood, the duo are set to enter a new stage of their career. And that starts with their newly formed love team, AlBruce, which you can catch on Prima Donnas. It will be interesting to see what these rising stars have to offer.


You could say this love team was meant to be from the beginning. Shayne Sava and Abdul Raman both competed in season seven of Starstruck. It was during this time that the duo showed promise to both producers and viewers. Taking home the titles of Ultimate Female Survivor and Avenger respectively, the two made their loveteam acting debut in Legal Wives. Fans of AbdAyne should look forward to their next project, Raising Mamay, as it is their first leading roles together.


The thing that helps JaNia standout is how wholesome and positive they are. Jamir’s charm and Zonia’s sweet vibes made for a great combination. The two first came together for the romantic-comedy Heartful Café in 2021. Oddly enough, the two actually had a enemies to lovers arch in the show which was enjoyed by many viewers. More projects are definitely coming for this rising love team.

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