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Get In The Mood For Love, Love, Love On Valentine’s Day With This Playlist

How do I love thee? Press play.

Finding the right words to express your love on Valentine’s day? Put in a love song, or well, songs, in this playlist that will have you smiling, laughing, and crying all while singing to your heart’s content.

Dictionaries and many a romantic comedy aside, love is still something that continues to bewilder the world over. Even the philosophers, literary greats, and prolific minds of many generations have tried making sense of it, and while there have been attempts at explaining it, nothing quite comes close to its expressions. For such a feeling that is all consuming and has one bursting at the seams with unfathomable happiness, at least in the onset, it remains to be one of life’s greatest mysteries. There are truly no words to encapsulate the feeling, which reminds us time and again that love was, is, and will forever be complicated.

So, in the words of Emily Browning, how do I love thee?

Counting the ways in poetry is one thing, a heartfelt letter pouring out one’s swirl of emotions is another, or you know the standard but clichéd manifestations such as flowers, chocolates, and the modern realizations of prose in truncated form. While there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you are certain your significant other will feel the love during Valentine’s day no less, nothing pierces through than music. From serenading someone through kundiman and haranas, a boom box hoisted up in the air playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, or even making the perfect mix tape, the gift of song just hits different, and time clearly agrees.

Love, Love, Love

Now, in an age where the democracy of the internet has made it possible for music to be even more accessible, sharing it has become some sort of a modern-day love language. Whether it be tracks posted as a subtle show of sentiments on social media or back in the day, Yahoo Messenger or LiveJournal, or curating playlists to get one through an emotional episode, the inextricable link of love and music continues to make one swoon, Valentine’s day or not.

While some may not think much of playlists, there is a lot more to it than just putting random tracks together or flexing perceived superior musical tastes. With a lot more thought put into it, there exists a potential to either tell a story or express the unsaid and inexplicable through songs that are not only nice to listen to, but can actually warm your heart and yes, make you feel things.

The best thing about creating playlists is that it can fit any vibe for any time, more so during Valentine’s day or the days leading up to it when you want to get in the mood for love. Dance party for one? Sure. A good cry while sliding your back against the wall? You do you. Or how about a passionate profession of one’s feelings for a certain special someone? Yes, please. But if it’s love, love, love that you want to soundtrack just in time for Valentine’s day, then this playlist on Spotify is for you.

Let The Music Play

No matter how one feels about love songs, there is no doubt of the profound effect it has. Even the iciest, most jaded, and bitter of hearts cannot match the force these expressions in many interesting, inspiring, and insightful points-of-view. With these messages of love, the not-so sneaky feeling is, love is actually all around, and this timely collection is representative of that. From the latest hits, pop favorites, and even sensual songs, there is a lot of heart thumping in Love, Love, Love, the special playlist crafted just in time for Valentine’s day.

Together with Troye Sivan, LANY, keshi, Calum Scott, Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, James Morrison, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and Zack Tabudlo among many others, the swing of sentiments is really in motion from the subtle to the searing. No matter your relationship status on Valentine’s day, for an hour and 58 minutes, this playlist will have you smiling, laughing, and crying, all while singing to your heart’s content. Or you know, the love of your life.  

So, what are you waiting for? Now, let the music play.