Make Way For Pop Princess Anji Salvacion With Her New Single, ‘Paraiso’

Pop girl Anji.

Just in time for summer, Anji Salvacion gives us a taste of her pop prowess with her self-confidence-boosting new track, Paraiso.

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Ever since we first got to know Anji Salvacion during her stint on Idol Philippines, we knew music has always been an important part of her life. It’s how she got her start in the industry on ASAP and how she was introduced on PBB Season 10 as the “Singing Sweetheart of Siargao.” Her natural gifts in music were evident with her vocals and her debut EP, Kasingkasing Dalampasigan, which was released in April 2022. And now, over a year later, the rising star and PBB winner is finally back with new music. This time, she moves away from the acoustics of her past work and channels her inner pop star with Paraiso.


Vibrant and upbeat, Paraiso is Anji’s first original single in nearly a year and her first with Tarsier Records. By the first few seconds of the track, you know you’re in for a new experience with the summer anthem’s bouncy pop and disco vibes. With Kasingkasing Dalampasigan, Anji self-penned six tracks that spoke to her roots through acoustic music. But with Parasio, the PBB winner explores a different side of herself with this pop number. Anji weaves through each line with confidence, and fittingly so given its subject matter.

Produced by Exale and written by Annie Lux, the track goes beyond the simple confines of a love song and instead champions self-esteem. There’s no better time than summer to let loose and live your life. Yet, some may feel insecure to do so or get caught up in the web of comparing themselves to others. Paraiso rightfully reminds the listener that it’s not about competing but loving yourself. Hey, I be looking good/Cause I’m from Paraiso/Hey I know I could/Be your Paraiso, Anji sings in the chorus.

The catchy beat and inspirational lyrics welcome you to a good time as you block the haters and live your life. It really is a new era for Anji as it’s unlike anything she’s done before, but it’s a welcome one because it suits her well. The beat is memorable, the lyrics are timely, and Anji’s vocals are giving new and evolved. For her musical comeback, Anji wants us to go at our own pace, and we’re here for it.

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