All That Hate Won’t Bother Maymay Entrata in ‘AUTODEADMA’

~Autodeadma para happy~

Maymay Entrata teams up with PENTAGON’s Wooseok for a confidence-boosting track that encourages listeners to focus on self-love and ignore the haters.

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Here to make our jaws drop once again, Maymay Entrata has returned with a scorching new track that will leave you shook for all the right reasons. With AUTODEADMA, Maymay is bringing the heat once again and showing off that unstoppable kabogera energy that we all know and love. Just like before, the fierce pop diva offers us a powerhouse anthem that’ll give you the confidence to take on anyone who tries to bring you down. And Maymay’s not holding back as she’s sending a message to all the haters out there that she’s not to be messed with. So, if you’re thinking of stepping on Maymay, you better think twice.


It has been six months since Maymay Entrata dropped Puede Ba, her modern take on Filipina songstress Viktoria’s track of the same name, that gave us another song to dance our asses off to. And now, the MPOWERED hitmaker graces the music scene once again and blesses us with another offering that will not just make us dance but also lift our spirits up and ultimately, imbibe positivity.

In AUTODEADMA, Maymay is back in her usual incandescent and queenly behavior. And just as we’ve learned from her sensational anthem AMAKABOGERA, it’s not a Maymay Entrata creation if it does not have a powerful, relatable, and resonant message at its core. This time, the MTV Europe Music Awards nominee reminds us all to ignore negativity and hatred, and to not seek validation from anyone but ourselves.

Maymay Entrata Autodeadma cover art

Released under the StarPop label and composed by EJ Bolano, Loriebelle Aira Darunday, Justin Catalan, Rox Santos, Jonathan Manalo, AUTODEADMA also finds Maymay Entrata collaborating with K-pop artist and PENTAGON‘s main rapper and subvocalist Wooseok, who also has writing credits for the song. And needless to say, Wooseok’s rap part and voice mesh perfectly with Maymay’s verses and will definitely leave you craving for more collabs like this. 

Per usual with Maymay Entrata’s music, the song’s music video does not disappoint as well. Posted by ABS-CBN Star Music and directed by Kerbs Balagtas (who also worked on Josh Cullen’s Wild Tonight), Maymay Entrata treats us to another glitzy and dazzling visuals that scream unbothered and unapologetic energy. From Jireh Bacasno’s dynamic cinematography to Nesh Janiola-Alcantara’s fire choreography, the AUTODEADMA M/V is a feast for the eyes and another satisfying serve from queen Maymay herself.

No need for validations / Guard myself with your love / That’s gonna make me stronger / And be the brightest flame / In the end.” With this catchy track already on its way to becoming a viral hit, let’s all dance our hearts out while also taking Maymay’s message to heart. So, next time those haters come crawling out of the woodwork, don’t let them get to you. Just turn up AUTODEADMA and let Maymay remind you that you’re a queen who don’t need nobody else’s approval.

AUTODEADMA is now spreading fire and positive vibes on all music platforms.

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