Josh Cullen Is The King Of The Night In ‘Wild Tonight’

Let’s get wild tonight.

Brimming with sinister edge and vampiric energy, Josh Cullen channels his inner pop star in his first-ever solo track, Wild Tonight.

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After an enigmatic introduction, Josh Cullen has finally entered his pop soloist era. With endless possibilities in sight, SB19’s lead rapper now takes the reins as he ventures into a solo journey, ready to unleash the best of his artistry and to make a mark with his exciting, original music. And this is front and center in his debut track, Wild Tonight, where Josh Cullen looks every inch a pop star in the making.


Looking at his weeks-long teasing of his solo debut, we can all say that Josh Cullen has been more than prepared to enter this special chapter of his music career. Following his grand entrance is his much-anticipated original, Wild Tonight. Released under Sony Music Entertainment, his first-ever single stays true to its title, packing some fierce tunes and savage  beats that will ultimately make you go, well, wild.

Josh Cullen first solo track Wild Tonight

“The song is edgier and more provocative,” says Josh. “It’s a true reflection of my own personal style and creative vision. Overall, I feel excited and fulfilled to be taking this journey of growth and discovery.” A song about breaking free and letting loose, Wild Tonight serves as the ideal project for Josh who’s now beginning to take control of his craft. 

Not your typical Twilight / Eyes on me, it’s the highlight / They doubt but know that I can / When the sun goes down / Just know that I am.” Written by Josh himself and co-produced with his cousin, Ocho The Bullet, Wild Tonight is a mix of EDM, pop, hip-hop, and trap music elements with a hint of some vampiric goodness. From the music-making, choreography, to even creating that visual spectacle of a music video, Josh Cullen was heavily involved in his debut track’s creative process, propelled by the mission to produce an enjoyable banger.

“I take pride in the fact that I’m the driving force behind my own creative vision,” shares the multihyphenate. “When I have an idea, I want it to be executed exactly as I envisioned it, to the point where I almost feel like I’m ‘meddling’ with the different teams that work with me. But I consider myself fortunate and grateful, because they were extremely understanding and supportive of my artistic endeavors.”

And by the looks of his neo-gothic and Nosferatu-inspired music video, Josh Cullen fits that sinister vibe incredibly well, embodying that otherworldly energy and edge while playing an ageless vampire rocking out to some timeless bop. Truly, whether your club’s DJ needs a new addition to their playlist or you’re chilling alone and want an energy boost, Wild Tonight will get you up and grooving whenever, wherever. 

Josh Cullen has already made everyone go wild with his banger debut and he’s just starting. We could just expect nothing but for his future music to get better and more thought-provoking from here. Meanwhile, Wild Tonight is out on all digital music platforms worldwide. Oh, and a new performance video has just dropped if you wanna sharpen your moves.

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