SB19 Invites You To This Media Art Show All About Philippine-Korean Friendship

Philippines 🤝 Korea.

Through the 동행 (Donghaeng): Gunita at Pag-asa Media Art Show, you can revel in the celebration of the colorful and enduring Philippine-Korean friendship.

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There’s no questioning how the Filipino and Korean cultures have influenced each other and have been in harmony throughout the years, be it in media, arts, language, and especially in music. This friendship, which has spanned 73 years already, is what the media art show called, 동행 (Donghaeng): Gunita at Pag-asa, celebrates.

A collaboration between the Korean Embassy in the Philippines, the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines (KCC), National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the media art show will feature an eight-minute presentation rendered through projection mapping and is currently projected at the historic CCP Main Building facade. From 6 PM to 9 PM, the public can revel in the art show at the CCP Front Lawn for free. 

Philippine-Korean Harmony

The Donghaeng exhibit features a carefully curated video series that highlights the cultural exchange and harmonious relationship of the Philippine-Korean friendship. Created by the genius of director Cho Chung-Yean, the series is divided into three parts: The first segment shows the cultural origins and growth of the exchange between Korea and the Philippines; the second part foregrounds the rich and beautiful cultural development and cultural resources of both countries; and the final part celebrates a positive outlook toward the two nations’ harmony and prosperity. 

“I hope that the constant appearance of national symbols of two countries and their harmonious movements in the video would serve as an opportunity to better understand each other,” says KCC director Im Young-A.

Not only that, the media art show also features a dance portion which puts the spotlight on Philippines and Korea’s cultural dances. It is created by acclaimed Korean choreographer Shin Chang-Ho in collaboration with Korean music director Park Woong-Seo, Filipino music director Josenic France Juanite, and a group of Filipino and Korean artists. 

As per Chang-ho, the dance is divided into three categories: time, space, and energy. The time category features the modern reinterpretation of Filipino and Korean traditional dances Pandanggo and Buchaechum (Korean fan dance). For space, the dancers’ movements were captured through motion capture and cutting-edge AI technology to bring the two cultures together in one space, united despite their geographical distance. And for energy, the Philippines’ MassKara Festival and Korea’s traditional theater are celebrated to signify “how the two countries prosper through energy.”

“The project was carried out in collaboration with numerous Korean and Filipino artists to rediscover the commonalities and novelties of the two countries. We hope this video will be a source of great joy and pride to the Filipino people,” shares Chung-Yean.


The kings of P-Pop, SB19, also attended the launch of the media art show last October 6 as Youth and Sentro Rizal Ambassadors. The chart-topping and record-breaking music group, composed of Pablo, Josh, Justin, Ken, and Stell, have expressed their gratitude for the cultural platforms which promote Philippine culture and that are catered to young artists. They’ve also encouraged young Filipinos, especially their fandom A’TIN, to reconnect with their Filipino roots and history to “better appreciate the present and strengthen our relationships with one another, to make us all better citizens of the world.”


Last year, SB19 was chosen by the NCCA to be their Youth Ambassadors and the face of Sentro Rizal, the Philippines’ cultural center for overseas Filipinos and for Filipino culture enthusiasts. In their press release, the NCCA states that the institution was inspired by SB19’s group’s “willingness to support the NCCA’s endeavors as well as for their genuine care for advocacies to uplift the Filipino spirit, music and culture to the global scene,” which complements NCCA’s mandate to promote Philippine arts and culture worldwide.


Apart from the vibrant exhibit video, Donghaeng has also made a lineup of exciting challenges and contests for the public. You have the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 through the Samsung-sponsored TikTok dance challenge. All you have to do is go to the art show, capture a dance video of yourself, and post it on social media with the hashtags #KCCPhil, #Donghaeng and #DonghaengGunitatPagasa. 

Meanwhile, you can win a three-month subscription to the streaming service Viu Philippines through the sponsored Selfie Contest. You just have to flex your selfie skills while at the media art show, tell your favorite part of the show in the caption, and post it on social media tagging KCC’s account and with the relevant hashtags. 

Celebrating Phil-Kor friendship while winning these exciting prizes? I know that’s an offer you can’t refuse. The 행 (Donghaeng): Gunita at Pag-asa media art show will run until October 21. Visit KCC’s official FB page for more details. 

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