The Round-Up: New Song Releases Of The Week

Another achievement for KDLex.

Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada spoils us with two new songs while Alamat celebrates their first anniversary with a new track in this week’s round-up of new song releases.

This week of February was definitely a busy one, and not just because it was Valentine’s Day. Olivia Rodrigo teased a new project, which turned out to be a documentary/concert film of the making of SOUR coming to Disney+ in March. On the P-pop front, BGYO and H&M launched their collab, as well as Music x ME, a new platform to promote local artists. Girl groups G22 from Cornerstone Entertainment and LITZ from VIVA announced their comebacks, which are set to come by the end of the month. And SB19 teased a new school centric series coming soon.

As for the world of K-pop, the week kicked out with Stray Kids dropping the trailer for their March comeback. That was then followed by news that EXO’s Suho is finally out of his military service. BTS then shook things up by announcing the dates of their Permission To Dance On Stage in Seoul concert, as well as reports that a new song and comeback is imminent. And if that wasn’t enough, it was confirmed that Red Velvet are set to have their next comeback in March. With everything that has been going on, you may have then lost track of all the new song drops in the past week, which is why we’re here to help. Here’s a round-up of some of the new must-listen songs of the week.

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Given the role music plays on the lives of Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada, it was only a matter of time before the breakout love team made new music together. And that time has finally come as they dropped not one, but two new songs. The first is Misteryo, an upbeat love song about finding that special someone in your life. The second is When I See You Again, which serves as the song played whenever some gets evicted in the current season of PBB.


When Silk Sonic, aka Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, dropped their debut joint album, An Evening With Silk Sonic, we feared that they might not comeback to make more music. Luckily, the duo just dropped a new song called Love’s Train. A cover of the song of the same name by Con Funk Shun, the funky love song was appropriately released on Valentine’s Day, but honestly is perfect to listen to anytime you’re with your special someone.


For those of who are rushing through life, Lola Amour and Al James are here to remind you to slow down. For there new collab Madali, the two deliver a message on the importance of enjoying life and not trying to go through things so quickly. You only have one life so take it all in and enjoy your time. Trust the process and you’ll get their soon enough.


In the beginning of the month, Troye Sivan announced that he was starring in a new movie called Three Months, which is set for release on February 23. The movie is about a boy who had a one night stand who is HIV positive. Ahead of the film’s release, Troye teams up with Jay Som to release a new song called Trouble. The upbeat pop song, which is part of the film’s soundtrack, will have you feeling like a young and free teenager.  


In 2021, Jikamarie made her debut with the underrated dream pop masterpiece that was lutang. And now, she’s back with her second single called Kailangan ko ng…, and she’s still got it. The upbeat pop song mixes elements of funk and disco to deliver a track about needing to be around people and things we love.


For more than a decade now, Epik High has been delivering some of the best music in Korea. And with their latest album, Epik High Is Here Part 2, they continue to prove they still got it. As the name suggest, the LP is part two of their 2021 releases with 12 new A-tier songs to enjoy.


For her first new song of 2022, Sabrina Carpenter gives us Fast Times, an uptempo song about moving fast and getting straight to the point in a relationship. It’s another good song from Sabrina, but we’re really loving the production behind the track. It elevates the song to another level.


Taeyeon is really out here giving us range. After giving us the emotions with Can’t Control Myself, SNSD’s leader channels 80s pop and her inner Greek goddess for her latest comeback single INVU. The track serves as the latest single off her recently released third full length studio album, INVU – The 3rd Album.


Finally, after over a year in hiatus, TREASURE is back and better than ever. The YG Ent boy group recently released their comeback single JIKJIN. It’s a hard hitting pop song that features elements of EDM in the chorus. To start of their new era, the boys also dropped their first ever EP called THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE. Hoping that this won’t be the last time we’ll hear of the group this year.


Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into out feelings if we want to. If you’re looking for a newly released song to help you get into that, we suggest you give a listen to Arthur Miguel and Trisha Macapagal’s duet, Ang Wakas. Get swept away as the duo narrate a story of love and it’s complicated aspects.


You can’t talk about second gen K-pop girl groups without talking about APINK. They’ve been in the game for over a decade and have outlived most of their generation. And with the release of their new song Dilemma, the group proved once more they’re still a powerhouse. Along with the release of the track is their latest album, HORN, their first in years. With 11 new songs to enjoy, it definitely is a great time for APINK fans.


Wonho refuses to miss every single time he drops new music and Eye On You is no exception. From the house type beat, vocals, and vibe, everything is on-point. Along with the release of Eye On You is a single album called Obsession, which comes with another song, Somebody.


To celebrate their first anniversary (which is February 14 by the way), P-pop boy group Alamat comes back with a new song called ABKD. This new pop track features a hip-hop vibe and is filled with uplifting verses made more endearing with every member’s unique R&B tunes. And as always, each member’s respective dialect are featured throughout the song.


grentperez is out with a new song this week called Why I Love You. It is a song about a relationship that seems too chaotic for its own good, but somehow just works. It also serves as an ode to imperfectness in a relationship that ultimately makes for a stronger bond. The track serves as his latest single off his recently released debut EP, Conversations With The Moon.  


There’s a new P-pop girl group on the scene, and their name is Calista, which stands for Call it a Star. Composed of members Olive, Laiza, Elle, Denise, Anne, and Dain, the six member girl group comes from Merlion. Their debut song is called Race Car which channels the group’s desire to make it to the top.


Pop band Calle Onse has a new song out called Araw. Dedicated to those who didn’t have a date last Valentine’s Day, Araw depicts the feeling of being ghosted. It expresses the stories of those that were suddenly left hanging by the people they considered special. The song’s message is supported by sensual musical arrangements, evoking the feelings of deep sadness and loneliness inflicted by those that ghosted them.


Cebu-based singer-songwriter RELDEN’s new song iro is all about being in a bad loop while in a relationship. Serving as her sophomore single, iro, which translates to dog in English, is a pop-punk track with English-Bisaya lyrics. It aims to remind people about having the power to take charge when stuck in a toxic relationship.

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