jikamarie Rises Literally And Figuratively To Deliver Dream Pop Perfection

jikamarie captured the vibe.

After dropping one of the most underrated OPM songs of the year in lutang, jikamarie is poised to have a promising career.

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The pandemic has physically, mentally, emotionally, and yes, even financially, affected many of us. The struggle to just get up every day and do work is not easy. But as life goes on, so must we. This is the feeling that jikamarie is aiming for in her debut single, lutang.

The song came from a real place of hardship, writing the track when she was facing somewhat of an existential crisis as she was physically, emotionally, mentally drained from her job in architecture. At that point, she was doing things because she had to, not because it made her happy. She was at a crossroads of whether she would stay in architecture and pursue a full-time career in music. lutang came from that experience as she felt that she just wanted to float.


As the name suggests, lutang is about keeping your head above water in the face of anxiety. The track is a bit of an floating existential ride as it reflects on that feeling as if you’re having an out-of-body experience.

Aside from the track’s all too relatable background, the song’s electronic elements and dream pop add that extra element to make lutang hit at the right spot. The beat is extremely addicting and when you reach the chorus, it feels like an explosion of euphoria. It’s like you’re lying on a bed of clouds thinking about life. The music and lyrics help create an exceptional dream-pop anthem that stands out as one of the best released this year. And it’s clear that a lot of people latched on to the song as it has garnered over 9.5 million streams on Spotify alone.

lutang truly feels like a vibe and jikamarie brought that vibe during her performance at the NYLON Manila Live concert. She enchanted the virtual crowd with her atmospheric song. Given how this is just her first single, jikamarie has a bright career ahead of her. And with her recent signing to Warner Music Philippines, the young artist is bound for greater things. Check out NYLON Manila’s YouTube channel to watch jikamarie’s performance.

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