The Round-Up: New Music Releases Of The Week That You Need To Get Into

The Round-Up: New Music Releases Of The Week That You Need To Get Into

10/10. Would stay again in Harry's House

Harry Styles opens the doors to Harry’s House while G22 slows things down for their first comeback in this week’s new music round-up.


While the summer season begins to wind down, that’s not stopping the music world from heating things up. Among the many things that have happened in the past week, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan jammed to Yakap by Alex Bruce. Keeping it in the JYPE family, TWICE had an eventful week with their sold-out stadium concert in America, the launch of each member’s individual IG account, and the announcement that Nayeon is dropping her debut mini album, IM NAYEON, this June 24.

K-POP.FLEX shook Frankfurt, Germany while Red Velvet, NCT Dream, and more K-pop stars are set to perform in the country in the coming months. Camila Cabello was announced as the newest judge for the upcoming season for The Voice while SNSD announced their highly anticipated comeback. Finally, Taylor Swift is now a doctor after receiving her honorary doctorate from NYU. Of course, let’s not forget all the new music that came our way this week. Get your playlists and AUX cords ready in our list of the some of the must-listen new music of the week.   


Finally, Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s House is here and it was worth the wait. Taking a bit of a step back from his rock sound, Harry’s House centers more on a pop, funk, acoustic sound that gives us everything we need. It’s a whole serve, but standouts include the fun opener Music For a Sushi Restaurant, the touching Matilda and Little Freaks, and the whole vibe that’s Cinema.


Conan Gray is bringing about the sad boi hours with his new song, Yours. The piano-driven track is a beautiful yet heartbreaking tale of Conan realizing that his relationship is going nowhere because his significant other does not care for him. It’s a sad tale told through Conan’s striking voice.


Your “in love” playlist might get an update soon thanks to Matthaios’ new song, Ngiti. The musician strips things down to a guitar driven track about enjoying the company of your significant other. It’s a cute song that appreciates the little things you like about someone.


There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, or at least that’s what Em Beihold thinks in her new song, Too Precious. Mixing elements of pop, jazz, and 1930s vintage, the song sets it sights on a flame who expects his partner to act a certain way. As the song suggests, Em isn’t here for her partner expecting her to be too reckless.


Rapper and singer Young Cocoa mixes a bossa nova sample with modern hip-hop flair on his new single Nova. The catchy, laid-back track is about young love that captures the bubbly giddiness and breeziness of a new love. The song is set to be included in his debut EP coming later this year.


In the mood to get senti? Then you may want to press play on Hey Its Je’s latest track, higit sa mundo. The R&B-esque track is all about reflecting on a past relationship and finding it hard to move on. Hey Its Je is here to remind us that it isn’t always easy when that ex changed your life for the better.


ASTRO said you’re going to bust a move thanks to their latest comeback Candy Sugar Pop. The candy sugar pop in question is referring to a potential flame as the pop-funk groove is about spending time with a significant other. The track serves as the lead single for their recently released third full length album, Drive to the Starry Road. Aroha definitely have a lot to celebrate this week.


Not only does food satisfy us, it can also inspire as well. Many forms of art have taken to food for inspiration, and that includes music. Rising Thai rapper MILLI is the latest musician to use food as their muse with her new song Mango Sticky Rice. At just one minute and 30 seconds long, the song is just about the dessert, but who wouldn’t pass a plate of mango sticky rice. And aside from the song itself, the bars MILLI serves are straight fire.


Earlier this year, G22 made their debut with the loud and proud BANG! But for their first comeback, the girls slow things down and show off their versatile charms with Babalik. Straying away from the pop/EDM sound, Babalik is a sensual R&B banger about feeling conflicted when in love. It’s an unexpected move for this P-pop group, but one that shows that G22 isn’t afraid to mix things up. Also, their voices are *chef’s kiss* and carry the song from start to finish.  


Girls’ Generation are set to make their first comeback in years this August. So, while we wait for that, let’s enjoy music from the members’ solo releases, such as HYO’s newest song DEEP. Dipping once again into her signature EDM sound, DEEP is another strong serve from the artist. It’s earworm of a chorus plays into the songs spider aesthetic as HYO channels her inner black widow in a relationship. The track serves as the lead single off her 1st mini album of the same name.


Following 2020’s exceptional SAWAYAMA, Rina Sawayama is set to enter a new era with the release of her new album, Hold The Girl, this September 2, 2022. And as the opening for this new era, Rina treated us to the release of her new song, This Hell. The fun pop-rock track revolves around how life can feel like hell sometimes, but it’s worth it when you’re with that special someone.  


Up until this point, P Nation was mostly known as a company that housed underrated and mistreated artists and gave them a platform to truly show off their talents. But now, the company enters a new era as they recently debuted their very first idol group, boy group TNX. Forming through a reality show, makes their debut with the hard-hitting MOVE. So far, the results are promising with a strong stable of vocalists and rappers. If you want to hear more of the group, give their debut EP, WAY UP, a listen.  


When Hayley Kiyoko named her new song for the girls, she meant it. Serving as her first solo single in nearly a year, for the girls is a fun summer jam that celebrates all types of women during the sunny months.


THE BOYZ recently dropped their latest Japanese comeback with SHE’S THE BOSS and it’s noise music in the best way possible. It’s starts out with a heavy EDM sound that makes way for an R&B bridge then transitions to an EDM-dream pop chorus that works surprisingly well. It’s a bit of a shame though that Eric wasn’t able to participate in this comeback.


bbno$’s (baby no money) new single piccolo is an irresistible track that features both a catchy beat and strong bars. You wouldn’t be wrong to include this short but sweet track in your party playlist. This is the second release from bbno$’s anticipated upcoming project bag or die.


Manila Killa recently dropped a new single titled Dusk featuring singer-songwriter Lights. According to Killa, the song is meant to be played when heading out on the open road, mixing the flows and feelings of both artists. The electronic banger will be included in his debut album of the same name set to drop on July 21.


 It’s quite bold to name your own song BOP. But Will Joseph Cook made sure his new song matched its title. The catchy single exudes summer party anthem as it captures that intoxicating moment when the vibe feels right with someone, and you shoot your shot.

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