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Ranz Kyle And Niana Guerrero Will Make You Want To Explore Singapore With Their Travel Vlog

You better take notes.

From shooting dance videos, mouth-watering food trips, and thrilling rides, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero show you what to do in Singapore.

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When you hear the names Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, you almost always think of their immense talents, undeniably wide reach as Gen Z influencers, and their fun and colorful vlogs that entertain as they inspire. Just recently, the multi-talented duo has been celebrating a couple of successes with the release of their new banger music and with Niana (the most followed Filipino TikToker) making history as the first Filipino influencer to be a part of the platform’s Discover List.

In all aspects, you can say that Ranz and Niana are goals. And these all manifest in Niana’s most recent travel vlog where their talent, charm, and just casual fun vibes are on full display. This time, they bring their loved ones to Singapore where they shoot dance videos, visit thrilling attractions, and celebrate Niana’s career milestone. Below are some of the highlights that will make you want to explore Singapore.


Just minutes into the vlog, Niana Guerrero and the fam will make you drool as they take you along their mouth-watering food trips. Sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board, their two-day Singapore adventure begins with a lunch at The Coconut Club where they’re treated to some good food including some familiar kakanin. Their gastronomic journey continues with an appetizing stop at Satay by the Bay and finally with a dinner at PS.Cafe One Fullerton where apart from satisfying their bellies, they also celebrate Niana’s career milestone of achieving 15 million subscribers on Youtube. Way to go, Niana!


Ranz and Niana dancing on the street

As top TikTok influencers, it’s a given that Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero will stop at nothing to give us the best content that they can. Even if that means doing a dance video in the middle of the traffic, like in their Singapore tour where they recorded a dance video at the busy Christmas on a Great Street in Orchard Road, literally shining with the lights.


You all know that Niana Guerrero is one of, if not the biggest Billie Eilish fan. And in her Singapore vlog, Niana wastes no time and finds the exact spot in the famous Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, where Billie has performed her songs The 30th and TV. Niana giddyingly channels the fan girl in her as she takes some shots in the place, claiming that she can feel Billie’s presence so much.


The biggest idols that they are, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero also spend some cute moments with their Filipino and international fans at the Lion City. They’ve even coincidentally met Xian Gaza by the end of their trip who says that he’s a big fan of Ranz and Niana.


Probably the most unforgettable highlights are the thrilling rides and attractions that Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, and the squad have tried. One of them is the Sky Helix Sentosa where they are elevated to so much height you can already see Indonesia. Another bucket list moment for Ranz and Niana is trying out indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore where she’s visibly overcome with enjoyment. Finally, also a first for Niana, their Singapore adventure is punctuated by an immersive cable car experience with stunning scenery.

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