Niana Guerrero And Esnyr Ranollo Offer Us Double The Fun In Their Collab Vlog

Shot puno!

Niana Guerrero and Esnyr Ranollo prove that two TikTok stars are better than one in her newest vlog that’s just pure fun. 

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As the most followed TikTok star in the Philippines, Niana Guerrero is legitimately this generation’s most favorite influencer. With over 34 million followers and counting, the sixteen-year-old has been killing the game with her content that spotlights her swaggy dance skills (together with her brother Ranz and cute little sister Natalia) and her adorable and wholesome relationship with her family. With her overarching influence that is at once amusing and inspiring, it is just apt that NYLON Manila has hailed her as its Gen-Z Approved TikTok Star and Favorite Content Creator during the past two editions of Big, Bold, Brave Awards. 

And recently, in the realm of YouTube, Niana has also been giving us double the fun as she collabs with other TikTokers, spending a day with her fellow online stars doing challenges and basically just having a lot of fun. In her most recent vlog, Niana partners with our favorite classmate and TikTok Philippines’ Creator of the Year, Esnyr Ranollo.

If you’re familiar with Esnyr’s uber-relatable and hilarious brand of content, then you’ll have the best time watching him in his different student alter-egos while interacting with Niana. Below are some of the moments that will definitely make you laugh out loud.


Niana and Andrei in the car

Niana starts her a-day-with-tiktokers vlog by meeting not Esnyr himself, but the stereotypical student characters he plays in his videos. First, Niana gets to meet the panyo-wielding and headphones-wearing Andrei. As we all know, he’s that smartest and quietest classmate you’ll ever have and Niana gets a taste of his silence. “Itong si Andrei hindi daw talaga ‘to nagsasalita pero top 10 sa school,” explains Niana as Andrei pulls a trick where he fixes his hair with both his hands while the hanky stays on his face.

Jessa asks Niana

This silence gets utterly broken as Niana meets Jessa, our chatty class president. “Don’t you know that Niana comes from a Greek word and Libyan name?” asks Jessa who’s wearing a school uniform complete with her school ID and bag. “It means significant and expressive too,” she adds as Niana and her entire team burst into laughter.


Niana and Charlotte eat kwek-kwek

Niana is then greeted by the class muse Charlotte who comes ready with her flowy, ash blonde hair and her kikay spirit. “Alam mo ‘yung feeling na one day lang maganda ka,” she tells Niana as they roam around UP Diliman. “Kasi ‘pag everyday, it’s so tiring.”

The two find themselves having a meryenda at the university’s street food stalls. “Do you have ano here, like neon balls,” Charlotte asks. “Ah kwekkwek,” Niana replies as they enjoy eating isaw and neon balls with “caramelized sugar sauce.”


Niana compliments Esnyr

Finally, after a funny and creative introduction, Niana meets Esnyr in his realest and most charismatic form. This is the first time the two TikTok stars meet each other, but the overall chemistry makes them look like they’ve been BFFs for quite some time. “Alam niyo ba idol ko talaga si Esnyr,” Niana says of the Davao-based online star, much to his kilig. What follows is a short but sweet interview where Esnyr returns the compliment. “Super inspired ako sa’yo, legit.” he says. “Isa ka sa reason kung bakit ako nag-pursue ng content creation.”


After the car trip, Niana and Esnyr play the Guess The Tiktoker Challenge where if they fail to answer the question, they’ll get punished by drinking some curious stuff that ranges from what looks like soy sauce to lemon juice and milk. After some hilarious turns, the two are left stumped by Khaby Lame’s photo, making the both of them suffer the consequences. “Shot puno!”


Esnyr shakes hands with Ranz

Ever since Esnyr has stepped foot on Niana’s house, his kilig over the idea of meeting her brother Ranz is already obvious. His dream gets realized as he eventually meets Ranz and holds his hand. His competitive spirit turns into a pa-cute attitude as he’s overcome with the feels.

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