Niana Guerrero Makes History As The First Filipino Ever On TikTok’s Discover List

What an honor.

Niana Guerrero’s latest W in life is also historic with her inclusion in TikTok’s second annual Discover List.

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Most 16-year-olds worry about school, homework, and puberty. But Niana Guerrero operates on a different plane. While she probably does worry about all that too, that is on top of having a career bigger than most people twice and thrice her age. At her age, Niana is considered an icon of Philippine social media with her viral dance trends, fun vlogs, and lovable personality garnering her tens of millions of fans across her platforms.

Not many teenagers can brag that they have over 35 million followers on TikTok. And following a slew of recent successes like performances at BaiCon InFest 2022 in Cebu and YouTube Fanfest 2022 in Singapore, Niana Guerrero recently got her latest win, a historic inclusion in TikTok’s Discover List.


In case you didn’t know, TikTok’s Discover List is their annual collection of 50 creators from around the world who are bringing a positive impact to the platform. 2021 was the first edition of the list, and this year saw the second edition expanded to be their first global listing. The creators are split into five categories: Changemakers, Icons, Innovators, Foodies, and Originators. Among the thousands of creators, TikTok only included one Filipino on the list, and that was none other than Niana Guerrero. The superstar dancer was included in the Originators category.

“The creators we love who create the trends we live for. The creators who’ve started viral dances, sounds, aesthetics, and more, and the creators who are the culture. Originators know what makes the community tick and they continue to make content that is ironically #ForYou,” reads the description of the category. Given how Niana Guerrero has a penchant to start viral dance trends or become closely associated with them, it was an apt inclusion. Not only is Niana the only Filipino on the entire list, but she also makes history as the first-ever Pinoy to be included on the Discover list. Talented, charismatic, and a history maker, we love to see it.


In her official profile for the list, TikTok had nothing but praise for the impact of the young star. “The 16-year-old ‘girl next door’ has been making an impact worldwide by going out of her comfort zone and boldly sharing her passion for music and laughter. With her incredible knack for dance, fantastic sense, and humor, Niana continues to touch the hearts of many across the globe.”

As for Niana Guerrero, she credits the virality of her dances with making them as easy as possible for people to jump in. “[TikTok] helps me express myself creatively. For every dance trend I create, I make sure the songs that I use are catchy and relatable to people,” she told the platform for the profile. Not only is Niana out here repping her skills that have earned her recognition around the world, but also showcasing the talents of Filipinos.

@nianaguerrero did this at 12am ( dc @Hibryda ♬ original sound – B7

“When I choreograph, I always make sure that the steps are easy to follow and feel doable so that anyone in the app can try it out. Also, thanks to TikTok, I’ve been able to meet so many new friends! I’m so grateful to be nominated. We out here representing the Philippines. Let’s go!”

Given how much of an icon Niana Guerrero is in Philippine TikTok, her historic inclusion feels correct. And given how there are so many talented local creators, we have a feeling she won’t be the only Pinoy creator on the list soon.

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