niana guerrero halloween 2022 vlog

Get Spooky With The Guerrero Family’s Halloween Party In Niana’s Latest Vlog

The party is spot-on as always.

For Niana’s newest vlog, she and her brother Ranz give us a glimpse into their Halloween party this year that we wouldn’t mind attending.

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It has been the yearly tradition of the Guerrero family to host Halloween parties, transforming their home into a haven of spookiness and lots of fun. Last year, the family went for a Stranger Things theme, complete with the show’s signature dark monsters and ominous lights.  This year, as seen in Niana’s latest vlog, they have leveled up the scare as they get inspiration from Netflix’s high school zombie series All Of Us Are Dead.

For the first part of one of their favorite times of the year, Niana and Ranz take us to their 2022 Halloween party from preparation right up until the exciting costume contest. Below are some of the spine-tingling highlights.


Last Halloween, Niana became the creepy doll in the animated film Coraline while Ranz was the evil clown Pennywise from the It franchise. This year, they have both stepped up the game as Niana transformed into Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands while Ranz turned to Marvel’s Moon Knight.


Bloody classroom halloween vlog

Also noteworthy from the vlog is the effort that the family has exerted to accurately transform their house into the bloody classroom like that of All Of Us Are Dead. From classroom seats to lockers and a blackboard filled with bloody handprints, they’ve captured the vibe of the show down to the last detail.


Zombie platter halloween

You can see how they’ve really prepared for the party that even the setup of the party food is shaped like a dead zombie. Spot on!


Niana and Ranz's parents in costume

Niana and Ranz’s mom and dad also join the fun event as Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians and a character from the Ghostbusters respectively.


Niana and Ranz's friend wins five thousand pesos

Niana and Ranz hosted the contest where their family and friends showed off their best poses to the spookiest effect that they could muster. And not just that, the winners in four categories (best in horror, costume design, comedy, and performance) also get to take home five thousand pesos each. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Niana has also said that there’s a second part coming up on Ranz’s YouTube channel

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