Looking For A New P-pop Group To Stan? Then Check Out VXON

I'm the beast you can't resist.

Making a powerful debut with their single, The Beast, and a music video that radiated high quality, say hello to the five-member P-pop boy group, VXON.

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We now live in a time when P-pop groups are becoming the norm in the local music scene. For a time, P-pop groups were just a dime a dozen in the industry, and now, new groups seemingly popping up every now and then. ABS-CBN have their own in BGYO and BINI. Viva has ALAMAT and LITZ. There are even rumors that a version of Produce 101 is set to come to the country soon. So, whenever a new P-pop group debuts, they need that extra spark to help them stand out. For P-pop boy group VXON, that means unleashing the beast within as early as now and having a clear vision for themselves.


Read as vision, VXON is composed of five members. There’s C13, the leader and main rapper of the group, Sam, the lead rapper and lead vocal of the group, Patrick, the main dancer, Vince, the lead vocal and visual, and Franz, the main vocal of the group. Initially revealed to the public at the end of December 2021, VXON is the first P-pop group to come from one of the most premier entertainment companies in the Philippines, Cornerstone Entertainment. The boys come from pedigree with expectations to meet. But only after just a week from their debut, VXON looks to meet those expectations and then some.

“CS Entertainment is proud to have artists who are unique, talented and have the star quality. We’re excited because we believe VXON has all of it. They have been trained in all aspects by the best people from both here and abroad. We have also invested a lot in music production to make sure their debut offering would be world-class but at the same time we also involved them in the creative process of the song so that the final output will remain authentic to who they are as artists,” Jeff Vadillo, Vice President of Cornerstone Entertainment, shared in an interview.

“We are really proud of the boys. Just Like what we have said, everything starts with a VXON. And after a long time of training and preparation we are confident their moment has now arrived,” Vadillo added.


It’s clear that VXON and Cornerstone brought out all the stops to make their debut a memorable one. VXON officially made their debut on January 7 with the release of their debut single, The Beast, followed shortly by the release of the music video a few days later. The track, sung both in English and Tagalog, is a hard hitting pop-EDM anthem about empowerment as the members show off their beastly side.

The group’s own members, namely C13, Sam, and Franz wrote and produced the song. They also had help from Korean music producer Knockloud. For the explosive choreography to The Beast, you can thank noted Korean choreographer Kim Taehoon and Matt Padilla. If you’re a regular viewer of 1MILLION Dance Studio, then the name Kim Taehoon should sound familiar. He’s behind some of the viral choreos to have come from the famous dance studio.


When you watch the music video for The Beast, you would be forgiven if you thought the guys weren’t rookies. It’s clear that they had a budget and showed that they are ready to make an impact. From the looks, props, set design, camera work, and more, the whole video was giving high quality. For their introduction to the world, it leaves a very memorable first impression. Directed by Edrex Sanchez, the music video did not disappoint at all, showing everyone, VXON isn’t just a random P-pop group in the scene. The production value was there and is a sign that you should be taking them seriously.

“It was a blast as it was a collaboration of amazing people. You can feel the energy from each individual from the director, staff, and performer. My favorite part was when we were shooting the dance part in the performance hall since that was the time where we can show what we have been rehearsing for the past few months,” shared C13.

Vince, meanwhile, described the MV shoot as a magical experience. “It brought us to a whole new world and one of my favorite parts was performing the dance with my members because we have been practicing it for months now.”  

“It was a lot of fun to make the music video. I felt I was in a foreign universe because of the setting, the ambiance. Shooting within the kaleidoscopic set would be my favorite part; I want people to see more of it,” said Franz. Patrick shared that he felt shy in the beginning of the shoot. But once he got the vibe, he was able to easily connect with the group.

As for Sam, what he liked most about the shoot was how the crowd watching them was very supportive. “The part that everyone was smiling and cheering for us every time we are in front of the camera. ‘Yung sobrang saya ng mga katrabaho mo because they appreciate you. They are happy with everything kaya ikaw ang tanging gagawin mo na lang is to do your job and slay every performance for them and especially for all our supporters, Vixies.”


Speaking of their fans, it’s clear that many of them enjoyed the debut as the video has already raked up 125k views in less than a week and counting. Their debut even attracted the positive attention of vloggers and K-pop fans who praised the quality of the video, from location set, lights, wardrobe, post-prod, choreography and performance of the boys.

The Beast subsequently reached #1 on iTunes PH and Spotify Fresh Finds and hit the #10 spot in Music Artists PH Top 10 Best Selling tracks for that launch week. In even received airplay in Dubai and ranked third in the top trending list on Twitter during it’s release. It’s no wonder then that VXON has been called by some as a monster rookie group. As far as first impressions go, we can’t wait to see what else this promising boy group has in store.

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