Maxie Is On A Mission To Be A Pinoy Drag Queen Pop Star

Performing on a stage near you.

Maxie shares her experience competing in Queen of the Universe, how she fell in love with performing, manifestations, and more.

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When Maxie was just 13 years old, he guested on Wowowin and showcased a level of confidence most adults don’t even have. And, in her viral appearance, Maxie shared with the world her dream of bringing her talent to the world stage and making the Philippines known globally. Years later, she manifested that into existence.

As a kid, Maxie was already making his natural talents for performing known through theater. When she joined a drag singing competition in 2011, Maxie used drag as an extension of her love for entertaining a crowd. Now, she got her name in the history books as the first Filipino to compete in Queen of the Universe as part of the second season cast. Needless to say, Maxie is a star who needs to be on your radar.


Performing has been integral to Maxie for nearly all her life. She was already performing for a crowd as early as three years old. “Stages are my playground talaga. I love to entertain people. I think I was born to perform. Every time I step on the stage, I feel fulfilled,” shares Maxie in an interview with NYLON Manila. 

It is often said that people are born for the stage, and that holds for Maxie. It’s a kind of fulfillment she experiences on stage that few, if any, scenarios in her life can replicate. On stage, she lets her art and talent speak for themselves. “I always wanted to express my feelings and my emotions through music, dancing, makeup, and art. That is what I love the most.” 

More so than a drag alter ego, Maxie is the personification of the performer she was always destined to become. “Maxie is a fierce performer. I am not afraid of anybody,” she explains. “When I am Maxie, I’m very fierce, dedicated, and talented.” She adds, “Performing live during my drag show is combining my love for music, singing, and performing.” 


With vocals that could rival the pop divas and a confident energy that’s bursting on the seams, Maxie made a name for herself in the local drag scene as a young queen who will always give it to you with her shows. But with that level of talent, Maxie was made for more. And that came in the form of Queen of the Universe. While Drag Race often gets the lion’s share of attention when it comes to drag-related competition shows, there are other programs out there that cater to showcasing other talents of the queens.

Such is the case for Queen of the Universe, a singing competition show which sees queens from around the world showcase their singing and performing skills. Think the drag version of American Idol, The Voice, or Eurovision. Given the show’s performing aspect and international setting, it served as the perfect medium for Maxie. “I really wanted to go international and perform internationally, on big stages, in big stadiums, to become a superstar.”

When auditions for season two began, Maxie sent in her tape and went through the rounds before she was included in the cast for the new season. While getting on the show is impressive enough, it’s even better given how Maxie made history as the first Filipino queen to compete on the show. To top it all off, Maxie traveling to London to film the competition was the first time she left the Philippines. It was an experience filled with first, to say the least. And speaking of firsts, Maxie made sure to leave a good first impression on the judges and audience.


For the first episode, Maxie stunned in an army-style Filipinana with a wig that sported a white, blue, and red highlight. The whole look was a homage to the Philippine flag as she proudly represented the country. As for her first performance, Maxie went bold by performing Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J. It was a boss move that made for the best kind of first impressions. “I wanted to impress people and show that a Filipino drag queen is very different from any drag queen in the world,” shares Maxie on her reasoning behind her debut performance. 

“In performing, I want to show the people that I am very confident, strong, and fierce in any stage in any country. I’m very ready to represent the Philippines and perform.” While she killed her performance, it wasn’t enough to save Maxie from the bottom five. She then did an impromptu performance of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe with the other bottom queens before she was ultimately saved by Trixie Mattel. 

Wherever her journey on Queen of the Universe will take her, the young queen already knows that her time on the show is doing good for the local drag scene. “It will have a huge impact not just for me, but for the Filipino drag community because you know, nakilala tayo sa iba’t-ibang bansa, kilala ang Philippine drag.”

She joins a small but growing group of Filipino drag queens, like Manila Luzon and Jiggly Caliente, making waves internationally. “I’m thankful na I’m representing the Philippines on an international stage. And I hope maging tuloy-tuloy na at makita talaga tayong mga Filipino drag queens sa ibang bansa.” 


It doesn’t take long to realize that Maxie is extremely confident. She radiates a kind of bravado that makes you feel that you can do anything. And her energy goes beyond being a pro on stage. Maxie is as confident as she is because she grew up in a family that supported and continues to support who she is. “I didn’t come out. My family is very supportive, and they love what I do. I’m very confident to show the people who I am and what I am because I have a great foundation in my house.”

Maxie has a family that any member of the LGBTQIA+ community would dream of having. Growing up in a loving household allowed Maxie to fully develop her skills and share that light with the world. Take it from Maxie, competing in Queen of the Universe is step one on her journey to become a superstar. “Expect Maxie to perform on more international stages.” She’s a queen on the mission to be your next fave on the stan list. “I think the Philippines is ready for the drag queen pop star. Matagal na tayong ready,” Maxie confidently asserts. 

As Maxie continues to be the main character of her story and shares with a growing global audience her talent and passion for performing, she’s proving to the world that a queen can follow their dreams. Maxie knows who she is and what she wants to become. For other members of the LGBTQIA+ community looking to follow in her heels, Maxie shares that the journey to superstardom begins with knowing yourself. 

“Always trust yourself, love yourself, and learn yourself. Ikaw kasi ang makakapag-tupad ng pangarap mo. Always focus on your goal, huwag kang mahihiya i-express ang talent mo kasi maraming mag-encourage, magtutulong, and support sayo. Kung hindi mo kayang ibuka ang pakpak mo, take your time because kailangan mo munang i-accept and sarili mo para mak-irelfect sa ibang tao ang kaligayahan.”  

Queen of the Universe season two is now streaming on Paramount Plus.

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