Drag Mothers Take Center Stage In Lady Gagita’s Digital Series, ’Mudrakels’

They're mother, literally.

There’s nothing like the love of a drag mom, something that Lady Gagita is spotlighting with her digital series, Mudrakels.

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In the beautiful and colorful world of drag, drag mothers can be found at the heart of it all. Not only are these queens icons and legends in their own right, but they also are the backbone of nurturing the next generation of drag. They mentor, train, and help baby queens as they welcome them into their drag houses, and sometimes their actual homes.

Drag mothers are basically like the loving mother we all want, except that they know how to turn out a lip sync. This loving nature is something drag star Lady Gagita knows all too well as she is also a drag mother. And she’s championing that even further as the host of the new drag series, Mudrakels.  


A drag queen, female impersonator, and Drag Den contestant, now, Lady Gagita fronts Feel Good Studios’ latest YouTube seriesMudrakels. The show is all about the power of drag mothers and their inherent nature to help unleash people’s inner queens. And because this is drag we’re talking about, it’s done through makeovers.

The premise of the show sees eight drag mothers; Lumina Klum, Arizona Brandy, Collision Course, Mimi The Doll, Gorgeous Dawn, Pura Luka Vega, Mrs. Tan, and Lady Morgana, be paired up with young men and women, otherwise known as their “nakshie,” as the moms give their adopted a drag makeover. Each episode will center on two drag mothers and their daughters. Once the makeover is done, the two baby queens will then go into a head-to-head lip sync battle with the winner moving forward as the queens battle their way to the top. The final winning pair will then be crowned the top mudra and nakshie.

Aside from the fact that we get yet another drag show to binge (and not to mention more screen time for Lady Morgana and Pura Luka Vega), the show also gives a spotlight to local drag mothers, something that we need more of. Seeing them interact with their new children also puts a smile on our hearts because of the way they help them find that spark and realize their self-worth. And props to Mudrakels for including both men and women because, as we all know, drag can be done by everyone.

New episodes of Mudrakels premiere every week on Feel Good Studios’ YouTube channel.

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