6 JaneNella Moments That Broke The Internet


What would it take for Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador, aka the most unexpected duo of 2022 JaneNella, to get their movie?

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When the newest TV adaptation of Darna first began airing back in August, we were expecting a modern-day take on Pinoy komiks’ most iconic character. But what we didn’t expect the show to do was give us a new duo to root for. And no, we aren’t talking about Jane De Leon and Joshua Garcia, but Jane and Valentina herself, Janella Salvador. It became clear during the early days of the show that while Darna and Valentina are enemies, Narda and Regina had a great friendship, maybe even a little too great as some fans started shipping the two.

Their chemistry was undeniable and what started as an inside joke among fans turned into a whole moment that Jane and Janella are very aware of and supportive of. It’s a team-up so loved that the duo has on occasion shaken the internet with their iron-clad friendship. Let’s take a look at some of the JaneNella moments so iconic, they got social media in a tizzy.


We didn’t mind that Jane and Janella decided to give us their joint Halloween costume long after the holiday was done given how good it was. They knew exactly what they were doing when they dressed up as Daphne and Velma. Given how Velma came out as a lesbian and the strong shipping energy Jane and Janella attract, we have a feeling that the looks were for a certain group of people. At the very least, we already have our Daphne and Velma for the Philippine adaptation of Scooby-Doo.


Aside from the unexpectedly strong chemistry between Jane and Janella, one major factor in the duo’s success was the fervent support of their fans. It was through fan edits that the Darlentina ship first took off and it was a fan that also gave us this masterpiece. From Twitter user @yawnsedits comes this gem, a trailer for a fake rom-com, I Fell For My Boss.

It splices clips of Narda and Regina to look like a movie about the two falling for each other. While it is fake, it’s also well done and quite convincing. If the trailer going viral and raking up millions of views across social media is any indication, we’ll be needing a JaneNella rom-com once Darna wraps up.


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Janella Salvador isn’t just an expectational singer, she’s also a bit of a dancing queen two. And she gave us a tease of those moves during Jane’s chaotic-in-the-best-way Instagram live while they were in Las Vegas. So, what if Janella is a mom? That doesn’t mean she can’t get down and unleash her inner kaldag queen.


In hindsight, this tweet should have clued us in on the kind of magic JaneNella would be giving us. Right when Regina first transformed into Valentina, Jane decided to go on Twitter and tweet this, because why not right? And because they always give us what we want, Janella was more than happy to reply. The question is though, what kind of bite does Darna want?


Jane and Janella are no strangers to performing on stage. But the two of them together on the same stage is a deadly combination as seen in their production number for ASAP in Las Vegas. They turned up the heat in their steamy dance number. The looks, from Jane’s red fit to Janella’s sparkly top, were everything.


Technically, this moment just involves Janella Salvador, but it also served as a harbinger for the slayage we were about to get. During the Darna MediaCon, Janella showed up as an embodiment of a baddie: a black corset with gloves, skin-tight pants, and boots. But she wasn’t done just yet as she also brought with her an actual ball python snake draped on her arm. The moment proved Janella was more than ready to become the queen of the snakes (and vadengs).

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