Darlentina Endgame: Darna And Valentina Is The Internet’s New Favorite Ship

From enemies to...

From Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador’s friendship to the chemistry between Narda and Regina, Darlentina may just become the show’s unofficial love team.

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In the new Darna TV series, Jane De Leon’s Darna Custodio and Joshua Garcia’s Brian Robles are meant to be the main love team. And while there chemistry on the show is great, there seems to be another love team that fans are rooting for, Darna and Valentina, who are wholesomely shipped as Darlentina (something Janella Salvador is aware of). With the recent transformation of Regina to Valentina (or at least her first costume), the stage is now set for the arch enemies to duke it out onscreen. But why should they be enemies when they can be endgame?

As the show goes on, quite a few fans have been shipping the two together and we don’t blame them. Some have created fan edits and even Wattpad stories as #DarLentina proves to be the surprise love team of the series. Let’s take a look at why Darlentina might just be the show’s unofficial love team.


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Narda and Regina’s friendship has proven to be one of the most surprising and wholesome aspects of the show. The chemistry in their relationship works well as they both give different energies that complement it. Narda has that golden retriever vibe while Regina comes in with a black cat feel. Even though Narda technically works for Regina, their friendship helps humanize both, especially Regina.

On a deeper note, the two are so close that they can trust each other with more personal matters such was when Regina revealed to Narda that she hears voices in her head. In turn, Narda feels comfortable letting Regina into her life such as when Narda and her family welcomed Regina into their home when she showed up unexpectedly. This is why when they eventually fight and figure out each other’s secret, it will make the revelation sting even more. But who knows? We might get a plot twist concerning regarding Narda and Regina’s friendship.


On the surface, it might seem like Darna is the good guy while Valentina is the bad guy. But that isn’t the complete picture. Both women actually stand up for what is good and right. Regina Vanguardia is a lawyer/vlogger who uses her platform to call out corrupt government officials. She is not inherently evil as she does fight for the side of truth and justice. She’s an anti-hero you can root for. It’s just that her less than ideal family situation and Valentina warp and corrupt her mind to do bad. Here’s hoping though Regina/Valentina gets that redemption arc, because she deserves it.


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One major reason why Narda and Regina’s chemistry on screen is surprisingly strong is that Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador are friends in real life. While some tried to pit these two women against each other, especially in the lead-up to the series premiere, there’s no beef between these women, only kwek-kwek. In past interviews, they have shared that Jane once made kwek-kwek for Janella and got splashed by hot oil because of it. They watch movies together in their free time. And the duo even see each other as sisters with Jane sharing in an interview, “Janella, she’s like my sister. Lock-in tapos nag-share kami ng mga experience naming sa life, good or bad.” These two self-described old souls are besties both on and off screen.


When Regina first transformed into Valentina, it was a moment for the show as Janella embodied the snake queen herself. But TBH, we wouldn’t mind if she bit us nor did Darna herself, Jane De Leon. When she asked Valentina to bite her on Twitter, Janella was more than happy to reply. The question is though, what kind of bite does Darna want?


While some may assume that Darna and Valentina are enemies from the get-go, that isn’t the case especially with the new series. In fact, when Narda and Regina met each other for the first time, they did so during their lowest points. Narda was struggling to accept her destiny of being the new Darna while Regina couldn’t handle all the pressure her father was putting on her. They found each other during their lowest point and went up from their which adds a new dynamic to their relationship. They know what it’s like to be down on the dumps which helps them become friends.

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