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Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador Were Friendship Goals During ASAP’s Trip To Las Vegas

JaneNella wins again.

Once again, Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador continue to win the internet with their friendship.

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Over the weekend, many Kapamilya stars flew to Las Vegas for ASAP’s concert at the Orleans Arena. And as expected, the moment proved to be a memorable one both during and in the lead-up to the well-attended concert. Among other things, Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan, and Kim Chiu visited the iconic Little White Chapel on The Strip, Kim had a side trip to Atlanta for the BLACKPINK concert, Bailey May and Kyle Echarri gave an epic performance, and we got this cute moment between BINI’s Mikha and BINI Belle. But aside from the fun memories and TikToks that were made, there was one duo in particular who seemingly stole the whole weekend.

And that was none other than 2022’s most surprising unofficial love team, Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador. As their first trip and performance abroad since Darna began airing, fans were looking forward to seeing what these two queens were going to do. True enough, Jane and Janella proved yet again that their friendship was one of the best things we got this year. Here are just some of the duo’s memorable moments over the ASAP in Las Vegas weekend.


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During their time in Las Vegas, Jane and Janella were kind enough to give us a peek into what they were up to in the city with Jane going on Instagram live. While they technically just walked around the place, the live was chaotic in the best way possible, which included them getting lost. It was like two best friends making their way around a new place while having fun and we ate it all up. They even gave a peep of their ASAP performance with Janella unleashing her inner kaldag queen.


Jane and Janella knew exactly what they were doing with these Halloween costumes. Even though it’s been more than a week since the holiday, we didn’t mind as their Daphne and Velma costumes shook the internet. Given how Velma recently came out as a lesbian while fans like to ship Jane and Janella together, we have a feeling that the looks were for the gays. (And shoutout to Janella for wearing a wig by DeLuxe Wigs, Vinas Deluxe’s wig brand. We love a supportive ally.)



♬ Living Hell – Bella Poarch

ASAP’s show in Las Vegas is set to be aired on TV. But with the clips that were posted online, it looked like our fave Kapamilya stars put on a show. And Jane and Janella made sure to turn up the heat in their steamy number. The looks, from Jane’s red fit to Janella’s sparkly top, were everything. Janella in particular continues to surprise us with how versatile of a performer she is, doing well in both singing and choreography. (It seems that dancing skills was another thing Janella took from Maja Salvador from their time on The Killer Bride.)


@beanieting They have their own little world 😭 cr. on watermark #janenella #darlentina #janellasalvador #janedeleon #darna #valentina #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – X

If you want to know just how wholesome of a friendship Jane and Janella have, then take a look at these sweet moments between the two on stage. Casually holding hands while having the time of their lives in stunning purple and denim jumpsuits, we know that’s right.

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