Did You Know? These Stars Are Fans Of The Drag Race PH Queens

Talent stans talent.

From Belle Mariano, Nadine Lustre, and more, these local stars stan the queens of Drag Race Philippines.

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Ever since the long-awaited Drag Race Philippines season one began airing in August, the show has become a hit with both local and international fans. Every Wednesday for nearly three months, viewers tuned into to see which queen would sashay and shantay as they hoped their faves would make it to the end. And speaking of the queens, one of the main reasons why season one has been well-received is the undeniable charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of the cast. Many of the queens, most of whom weren’t that well known to the mainstream before the airing of the show, have now become stars in their own right. And among the many, many fans the Drag Race PH queens have gained include quite a few local celebs. Here are just some of the stars who ate up the Pinoy drag excellence displayed by the queens.


If ever you wanted to know which team Belle is for the finale, she’s #TeamMarinaSummers. During part one of her vlog documenting her recent trip to Korea, the Gen Z star revealed that she loves Drag Race PH and all the queens. But in particular, Belle said that her number one is Marina Summers and that she’s rooting for her. Belle then went on to praise her makeup, wit, humor, and talent, as she should.


Nadine’s love for the Drag Race PH queens goes beyond the standing ovation she gave them during one of the best girl group challenges in the entire franchise. The known Drag Race fan follows Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, and Minty Fresh on Instagram. And speaking of Minty, Nadine even DMed her after the first episode to congratulate her on the win. We love a supportive queen.


Maris Racal was living her fangirl dreams when she learned that her song, Ate Sandali, was used as a lip sync song during the season. Her smile during her reaction video to Brigiding and Lady Morgana’s showdown should tell you as much. “This is a dream come true. I still can’t believe this is real. Thank you Drag Race Philippines! Para akong nagkaroon ng RuBadge!!!” wrote Maris in the caption. And fun fact: her connection to Brigiding goes back years as she shared on Twitter an old pic of her and the queen. Maris also showed some love to Marina on Twitter following the season finale.


The gays love Janella Salvador and she loves them back. If you want to know just how much of a Drag Race PH stan Janella is, not only does she follow queens like Eva Le Queen on Instagram, but she was even spotted attending a Drag Race PH viewing party.


As one of the biggest boosters of Pinoy LGBTQIA+ content to the mainstream, it’s no surprise that Vice Ganda is a fan of the show. Even before the season aired, Vice shared the poster on his IG stories to help promote it. He’s also sent kind words to queens like Eva Le Queen. And Vice was most of us when she shared her reaction to the Minty Fresh-Xilhouette lip sync battle.


As a self-described fan of Drag Race, it only felt right that Pia Wurtzbach was chosen as one of the special guests for the inaugural season. But even after a year from filming, the Miss Universe titleholder still holds the queens close to her heart. Case in point: during her birthday party, the Divine Divas (Brigiding, Viñas Deluxe, and Precious Paula Nicole) were invited to perform. Pia even called the trio the highlight of the night.


Riva is a Drag Race stan through and through. Not only was her first ever drag show one related to Drag Race Philippines, but she also was able to form a friendship with some of the queens. In fact, Riva gave Marina Summers a sweet birthday gift for the queen’s recent birthday.


It’s safe to say that Awra is #TeamMarina after she and the queen came together to maximize their joint slay in this twinning photoshoot. They get a toot from us.


The most streamed local female musician on Spotify is a fan of Drag Race PH? It feels correct. Moira is a vocal fan of the show on social media, especially on Twitter where she isn’t shy to show her love for Marina Summers. And yes, she has seen Minty Fresh’s drunk Moira and she doesn’t seem to mind it.


In case you didn’t know, Marvin Agustin is actually quite the Drag Race PH fan. In particular, the actor and celebrity chef has a soft spot for the Divine Divas which definitely is aided by how he and Vinas look similar when she’s out of drag. Marvin even held a finale viewing party and congratulated Precious Paula Nicole for her win.

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