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Janella Salvador’s Date At The Darna Mediacon? A Real Snake

Hiss, hiss! There's no messing around with Valentina.

Valentina took the red carpet to the next level: she brought a real snake!

The hype has been real ever since the whole cast of the new Darna was revealed. Giving us even more crumbs before we finally see the Filipina heroine back on our screens, last night’s official media conference was dominated by its lead, Jane De Leon, and of course, the venomous antagonist, Valentina, played by Janella Salvador. She even brought back-up with her: a real snake!

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With her piercing gaze and commanding presence, Janella Salvador slithered in her villainess uniform: a black corset with gloves, skin-tight pants, and boots. Her best accessory-erm, partner on the Darna mediacon red carpet? The ball python snake draped on her arm. She’s studied her character all too well, she even kept them as pets while preparing for the role—namely, Valentino and Versace. Her glam, a graphic eyeliner, mirrored the eyes of Valentina’s best friend. While she didn’t have a head full of snakes, Janella’s blonde highlights stood out with her bombshell waves, reminiscent of its slinky shape.

Of course, she knew she had to fill in some big shoes. She shared in an interview earlier that she studied the performance of the late Cherie Gil (who played Valentine, Valentina’s daughter in the 1994 film).

With the official trailer finally revealed, posters being teased, and the Darna OST slowly being unveiled, we’re ready to take flight once again with our favorite Filipina superhero as its latest iteration premieres this month, August 15 on all Kapamilya platforms.

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