Donny Pangilinan Has Finally Made His YouTube Comeback And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Look who remembered his account password.

Warning: Don’t watch Donny Pangilinan’s new YouTube vlog if you don’t want a kilig overdose from DonBelle.

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Donny Pangilinan has been booked and busy this 2022. With season two of He’s Into Her recently wrapped up, the cast of the show then held the finale concert at Araneta Coliseum with DonBelle giving a performance that truly shook the internet. And speaking of DonBelle, the duo are set to appear in their next film, An Inconvenient Love, this November 23, which will be screened in cinemas. But as Donny’s hectic schedule has been reflecting that of a new gen leading man, there is one area where the superstar has been notably absent, YouTube.

In case you didn’t know, Donny has a YouTube account and a pretty popular one at that with over 960,000 subscribers and counting. Donny though, hasn’t posted on his channel since July 2021. It’s been pretty dormant, which is kind of surprising considering all the adventures Donny has been in the year since. That hiatus is finally over though as Donato Productions’ lights have turned on once more with Donny’s return to vlogging. And at nearly 20 minutes long, he gave us a lot of content to enjoy.


On September 11, Donny made his return to YouTube with a vlog documenting his trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles during Star Magic’s recent Beyond The Stars tour. Even though he hasn’t uploaded in over a year, hearing the famous opener, “What is up people of the world,” felt like old times. Donny begins his vlog with a game of golf in SF with Belle. Donny, being the natural charmer that he is, even made friends with some of the golfers there. The star even had time to give a shout out to the daughters of a man he met at the course, who so happens to be half-Filipino. Sana all.

Afterwards, Donny is seen hanging out with his fellow Star Magic artists at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco. Of course, we also got our fair share of DonBelle moments from Belle filming portions of the vlog, their mini-bardagulans, and their shopping trip to Target.

Donny also gave us a sneak peak backstage of the show. In was during these moments where we saw fun interactions with his fellow Star Magic stars, talking to each other like casual friends who just so happen to be famous. And by the way, we loved the moments where he congratulated KD and Alexa. There’s only love between the top love teams here. As someone who appreciates his fans, Donny and Belle also met with their Bubblies after the show where they showed their gratitude and support. Other life moments Donny shared during the trip include meeting up with Kiana V, joining the float parade fiesta in SF, and meeting up with his lola in LA.


It feels great now that Donny is finally back on YouTube, especially since he’s known to be quite private when it comes to his personal life. Hopefully, he’ll return to frequent postings, or at least not do it once a year. Some of his past vlogs are truly iconic in the Donny Pangilinan lore, so were hoping for more of that in the future with his return. And of course, if we hope and pray hard enough, we may just get that much-requested collab with Belle.  

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