How Donny Pangilinan Handles Being An Introvert In Showbiz

Where there is a will, there is a why,

Just like you, Donny Pangilinan also values the importance of rest and me-time as shared in his first podcast interview with his sister Hannah.

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Donny Pangilinan is one of the hottest and most sought after actors of today. Not only is he in one half of the top love teams of the new generation, but the 24-year-old is fast becoming a leading man in the industry. But while he may have legions of fans and a star that shines as bright as the sun, did you know that Donny is naturally introverted? Before he got his start in the industry, Donny described himself as not the outgoing type and even his own family were surprised that he pursued a career in showbiz.

To this day, Donny still has that introverted side and as any introvert knows, meeting new people and being the center of attention can be a nerve-racking experience. So, how then does Donny Pangilinan deal with being introverted in a public industry? He opened up about that and more with his sister, Hannah, in an interview that gave a peek into the mind of one of the today’s top stars.


Recently, Donny guested on Hannah’s podcast, Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan, which marks his first time on the show and his first time ever to be interviewed in a podcast. Filmed at Donny’s house, the brother and sister had a heartwarming chat by the sofa as Donny opened up about his thoughts and beliefs. During the conversation, Hannah asked Donny how he would describe himself before the fame and he said that he was and still is a curious and observant kid. He loves trying new things and would even get annoyed with himself if he can’t get it right. His business-minded persona also developed during this time saying, “I love the idea you could start something from scratch and build your way up.”

Growing up in a showbiz family, Donny saw what his parents and relatives were doing and thought that he could do it, too. “I’ve always wanted to touch people in a personal way.” Of course, Donny wasn’t exactly a ball of energy back then, so he felt that it wasn’t a possibility. What pushed Donny to take the leap of faith was his desire of always doing well in the things he tries. “When I start something, I already see the big picture.” He started making a name for himself on social media and a push from Mr. M to try acting workshops led him on the path he is now. “I just like the feeling of connecting with other people and making people smile. Being a part of people’s lives without physically seeing them yet, it was pretty cool to me that idea,” he shared with Hannah.


Donny though isn’t understandably in artista mode 100% of the time. To him, you cannot keep on working or pretend to be in a role without including rest in your schedule. “I feel like if you’re always in one environment, it can be draining. And that’s not just for showbiz, that’s for everything,” Donny said matter-of-factly. Like with any introvert, Donny’s social energy gets drained, which is why he values the rest he gets, even if it’s just thirty minutes. Donny shared that he likes to either spend time alone and be by himself, do things he enjoys like golf, or spend time with people who don’t make him feel like he needs to be an artista.  

As Donny sees it, “Treat rest as work. If you really prioritize your work, you also need that amount in your rest because rest is going to make you do those things.” Basically, he wants you to have some me-time in your life, whether or not you are an introvert or extrovert. Even with someone with a hectic of a schedule as Donny, he values those quieter and more peaceful moments. This is something many can take to heart, especially when we live in a fast-paced world where we are expected to work all the time.

Check out part 1 and part 2 of Donny Pangilinan’s full interview on Pausecast where he shares more about his life, the affirmations he tells himself, his new project with Belle, his faith, and much more.

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