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Here’s How You Can Audition To Be A Part Of Big Hit’s Next Generation Of Trainees

Big Hit is looking for the next generation of K-Pop idols.

Get the opportunity to join Big Hit as a trainee through their global audition with the chance to be label mates with BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

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As one of, if not the biggest musicians in the world, BTS has undeniably helped bring K-Pop further into the mainstream. With this surge of interest towards has also come an increase of people who would like to be or try their hand at being K-Pop idols. It’s no surprise then to learn that a lot of people would like to try out for Big Hit, the company of BTS and TXT, not just because they can be label mates with the said artists, but also because of the good reputation Big Hit has. And if you ever wondered how you, yes you, can be part of Big Hit, wonder no more.


Big Hit is on the search for new trainees and would-be K-Pop idols. On October 18, Big Hit Music announced that they were launching the Big Hit Music Global Audition. The global auditions program is looking for males born in 2002 or after. And the best part is that there isn’t a restriction based on nationality or race, so anyone can apply. Here’s is how you can audition:


big hit audition

First, head on over the Big Hit Music application page to fill out the form. You need to choose between four different fields for your audition: vocal, rap, dance, or production. Each field will require you to submit a photo that clearly shows your face and a video for your audition clip. If you choose vocal, the video should show you singing a song of your choice with your upper body visible. If you choose rap, you can sing/rap a song of your choice or an original composition. Your upper body must be visible.

If you choose dance, your whole face and body must be seen in your routine. And if you choose producing, you must submit an original piece of work through a sound source, a MIDI-type file, or similar formats. The video and original work must be at least 1 minute long or longer. Big Hit empathized that you should not include filters in your attached photo and the video must be clear and well shot or else it may be discarded. The deadline for applications is on December 20, 2021, so you have enough time to get in those auditions. Those whose applications get accepted will be contacted by staff individually where you will be informed of your next steps.

So, if you feel like you have what it takes and are ready for this, then get that audition ready. Who knows, you may just become the next K-Pop idol superstar. If you need any motivation for your audition, check out this video of TXT talking about their auditions and trainee life.

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