bts permission to dance concert 2021

7 Memorable Moments From BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage Concert

We don't need permission to dance.

With over 24 songs performed and nearly two and a half hours long, BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage concert was a night filled with fun, energy, and positivity.

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Whenever BTS performs, it’s always considered an event given how the boys always give it their all. And that was on full display during their recently held Permission To Dance On Stage online concert. Performing at the Olympic Stadium, albeit with no crowd, BTS poured their hearts and souls out on stage to make the ARMY tuning in online around the world feel like they are live in concert. Despite there being no crowd, the group didn’t skimp out on giving an A-tier show and giving all their love to ARMY. The concert was even more special considering that they only performed OT7 songs, no solos or unit performances, so it was just the boys together. Here are some of the unforgettable moments from Permission To Dance On Stage.


BTS rarely disappoints when it comes to serving looks and their outfits in Permission To Dance On Stage were no exception. Every member looked great, but there were a few fashion moments that stood out. First, while Taehyung wasn’t able to dance with the rest because of leg pain, he still gave it his all from his chair. He also shook many ARMY with his large tree-like tattoo that ran from his chest all the way to his neck. There was also Hobi’s white jumpsuit and shades combo at the beginning of the concert that made him look 10x cooler. It was like the next evolution of his Dior fit.

Jungkook debuted a new mint green hair color and sported a black cropped top suit halfway through the show. He also paired the look with a few chains that made for a truly breathtaking visual. Jimin wore a blazer with nothing underneath and was just being held together by one button and bias wrecked many viewers. Overall, everyone looked amazing.


While it was nice to see BTS perform their songs on PTD On Stage, the concert was also an opportunity for the group to debut new remixes and reworks of some of their old songs. One particular standout was the remix to Fire. The original song was already a whole bop, but the remix brought the song to the next level and made it even better than it already was. It gave the song a whole new vibe.


A beautiful song like Black Swan deserves just as beautiful a performance. And BTS did that during Permission To Dance On Stage. After performing a heartfelt rendition of Blue and Grey, a flurry of dancers rushed the stage with outfits that made them look like they had feathers on their arms. The boys then proceeded to quickly change from their white outfits to black outfits. The choreography, formations, and music were stunning and gave what needed to be given.


While there’s nothing wrong with BTS performing their new songs, it’s always a treat to see the boys perform their old classics, especially ones that they don’t perform as often these days. So, when BTS started performing Blood Sweat and Tears, it was an exciting moment. And let’s not forget the seamless transition between BST into Fake Love.


Speaking of a seamless transition, ARMYs were in for another treat later on in Permission To Dance On Stage. As BTS was performing their hit Dynamite, they ended the song on an amazing dance break that then seamlessly transitioned into Butter. It was such a cool transition that you could say it was, ehem, smooth like butter.


Given how BTS is one of the biggest musicians in the world, it’s no surprise that they have millions of fans. But that attention has also brought the group many haters. During the concert, Jungkook took the time to address the haters and only in a way he can. When they were performing So What, Jungkook said that he wanted to say something to people who do not like him or want him to change. He then proceeded to shout so what with his full chest, as he should.  


The night also wasn’t just about singing, dancing, and uplifting spirits. BTS also brought the emotion to the stage and maybe quite a few ARMY teary-eyed as they performed Young Forever and Spring Day back-to-back. As the concert was wrapping up, BTS performed their more emotional anthems, and seeing them perform them at an empty stadium made us want to be there in person even more. Their end concert speeches, meanwhile, tugged at a few heartstrings. But not one to end things on a sour note, they then closed the show with the concert’s namesake, Permission To Dance.

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