BTS Muster 2021 Sowoozoo

Our 9 Favorite Moments From BTS Muster 2021 Sowoozoo

BTS delivered and then some during the 2-day Muster 2021.

During the two-day Muster 2021, BTS gave a lot of memorable moments and performances during the concert. Here are some of our favorites.

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For a while now, BTS has been celebrating their anniversary with Muster, a fan event and concert with ARMY. The group has had five Musters already, but understandably, last year’s Muster was canceled due to the pandemic. However, the Muster is back this year with it being called Muster 2021 Sowoozoo, Sowoozoo being how Mikrokosmos is pronounced in Korean. Leading up to the Muster, there was a lot of hype surrounding the event since this would be their first outdoor concert (minus an audience) since the pandemic started. Of course, BTS delivered and then some. Here are our 9 favorite moments from BTS Muster 2021 Sowoozoo.

The Infinity Stage

The main theme for this year was space and the cosmos, so the stage design reflected that theme. Located in an outdoor field, the stage resembled the number 8 for BTS’s 8th anniversary as well as an infinity sign, which was a sweet touch. The stage also featured planets or asteroids in keeping with the space theme. The aerial shots made the stage look good, but for ARMY who were near the event, seeing the fireworks from afar probably was something special.

Interacting with ARMY

A physical audience couldn’t be present during the show, so BTS did the next best thing. They set up rows of monitors where select ARMY could watch the show near the stage. One of the more memorable moments of the Muster was when they went down to the monitors and performed Dis-ease. It was heartwarming to see BTS interact with their fans again, albeit virtually, and it must have been a special moment for ARMYs who got to witness that live.

Daechwita OT7 version

The Muster is a special time not only because it is a fan event meant to celebrate BTS’s anniversary, but it’s also the place where BTS performs special versions of their songs. After all, DDAENG OT7 version and Suga and Jimin’s version of Tony Montana were performed during past Musters. This year, the group did not disappoint when they performed Daechwita OT7 version. We got to see rapper Jimin again. Jin and Jungkook killed their part. RM slayed as usual and V mixed comedy with energy. J-Hope ate up his part while Suga did not disappoint. Muster 2021 Day one gave birth to an iconic moment that will be remembered in ARMY history.

Chicken Noodle Soup OT7 version

When you think that BTS is done blowing you away, they come back and eat up the stage even harder. For Muster 2021 Day two, they performed Chicken Noodle Soup OT7 version which caused a meltdown on ARMY Twitter. Jin and V were fun to watch, Jungkook bulldozed through his parts, Suga easily glided into the flow, and RM and Jimin rapping Becky G’s part in Spanish was a cultural reset. J-Hope, meanwhile, proved why CNS is his song and lit the stage with his charisma and dance moves. Seeing the boys do a freestyle dance battle near the end was sweet icing on top.

Fire and So What bring down the house

The setlist changed here and there for the two days, but a thing that remained constant was the one-two punch of Fire followed by So What. Those two songs are showstoppers and seeing the boys perform the songs just made us want to stand up and jump around. Even if we were all watching through our screens, Fire and So What made it feel like the concert was happening right in front of us. It was hype and hearing ARMY sing along to the songs made it 10x better.

Singing their SoundCloud songs

During a sit-down moment during the 2nd day of Muster, the boys were doing an ARMY signal segment when the topic came up of their SoundCloud songs. In case you didn’t know, BTS has a SoundCloud account, and every now and then, they post an original song or cover song for free. They all sang a snipper of their solo songs, but we particularly loved Jungkook belting out Still With You and Jin’s rendition of Abyss. We wouldn’t mind a concert where BTS performs their SoundCloud songs, it would be amazing.

First Performance of Film Out

The Musters are home to many firsts. Aside from the first OT7 version performance of Daechwita and Chicken Noodle Soup, Muster 2021 was also home to the first performance of Film Out, their latest Japanese single. The seven of them sound as good live as it is in recording, Aside from pitch-perfect vocals, the song also has this fire camp sing-along vibe since the boys were just sitting down on chairs and singing their hearts out.

PH ARMY Represent

Day two of Muster 2021 was dubbed the “World Tour Version” because BTS would not just perform their Korean songs, but also their English and Japanese songs. Of course, you can’t have a world tour version if you don’t have Pinoy ARMYs present and they made their presence known. During the last intermission of day two, as the camera was panning to the monitors of ARMY, a few screens stood out because they featured people waving the Philippine flag and holding a sign that says, “Mahal Ko Kayo BTS.” Even online, Pinoy ARMYs still show their love to BTS.

Breaking News

As ARMYs were preparing to log off after the second concert, BTS decided to pull one more surprise at us. The video is done in the style of a breaking news report as RM is talking about an object that looks similar to the BTS logo has landed in Korea. It then cuts to Jin reporting live from the scene. It is then followed by a weather report done by the other members of the group. The mysterious video launched hundreds of fan theories but one detail that stood out was the number 7/9 or July 9. It was later revealed that they’re releasing a CD version of Butter along with a new song on July 9. Pre-orders are currently open.

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