Alexa Ilacad Spills Secrets With The Help Of Google Search

After watching the vlog, you can't help but fall harder for Alexa.

Alexa Ilacad talks about love, craving independence, Goin’ Bulilit, Marian Rivera, her dream of being a mukbanger, and of course, her one and only KD in her recent vlog.

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At 22 years old, Alexa Ilacad is already a veteran artist as she has been navigating the showbiz industry ever since she was two. From her years-long stint at the famed Goin’ Bulilit, to her enviable filmography, and her post-PBB era where we saw her at her realest, most confident, and most powerful, Alexa Ilacad has undeniably been this generation’s most self-aware and sought-after idol. Add to that, her special and kilig-inducing relationship with KD Estrada in the unproblematic love team KDLex that screams green-flag energy, then we can describe Alexa’s career as nothing short of, well, perfect. 

In her most recent vlog, you’ll get to know Alexa even better as she reacts to her Google searches from A to Z. From topics that range from her real name and height to juicier topics like her exes and love life, the singer-songwriter-actress charmingly gives us a ton of insight into her life that will make us appreciate her more. To be honest, at the end of the video that’s over thirty minutes, you’ll feel like Alexa has become your newest dear friend. Below are some of the noteworthy highlights. 


Alexa Ilacad says "coming soon"

For the second query that starts with b, Alexa is faced with a Google search about her “boyfriend.” And to finally sate everyone’s curiosity, Alexa shares that at the moment, she’s not in a romantic relationship with anyone. “So wala pa naman po ako boyfriend,” says Alexa. “Siguro masasagutan ‘to kapag meron na.” But, while everything initially feels so hopeless for those who are rooting for her, Alexa teases: “Alexa Ilacad boyfriend, wala pa po, coming soon, abangan.” And we’ll surely wait for her “the one,” but we already have an idea, don’t we? *winks*


Alexa says "independent woman"

We know Alexa has been empowering a lot of us lately about her statements on body positivity and mental health, and we love her for that. In her new vlog, you’ll get to love her even more as she powerfully talks about her journey to where she is now. While discussing a Google query about her dad, Alexa shares how most of her relatives on her father’s side have worked in the media industry and in big companies like VIVA Films and OctoArts Films, with even some of her uncles being producers. But unlike nepotism babies that netizens have criticized, Alexa can proudly say that she’s achieved all of her feats through her own sweat and efforts. “So ayun, sabi ko, baka sabihin ng iba na I used my family name to enter showbiz, to get to where I am, no that’s not true,” asserts Alexa. “Independent woman tayo.”


Alexa recalls her Goin' Bulilit days

Alexa goes a trip down memory lane as she recalls her fond memories of when she was part of the children sketch comedy show, Goin’ Bulilit. At two years old, Alexa has already been working as a commercial model of different big brands before eventually being a part of the comedy program. And you know how Alexa was discovered? It was during Halloween when she was decorating with her mother that a talent scout noticed her from a cab and invited her to do VTRs for commercials, which she did successfully.

But it was a completely different experience auditioning for Goin’ Bulilit as Alexa shares that she was among the 3000 Filipino kids vying for a spot. Two months later, she received a callback and was asked by Direk Bobot (Edgar Mortiz, the show’s helmer) to perform a joke which worked to her favor. And as history says, Alexa got the part and stayed at the show until she’s shy of turning 13 years old. Regarding her experience at the show, Alexa can’t help but express her love for her fellow child actors and the team she’s worked with whom she still considers as family. “I love them dearly,” says Alexa who’s filled with warmth and fondness.


A gif of Alexa and Marian Rivera meeting for the first time

Seven years ago, a video of a starstruck Alexa who met her celebrity idol Marian Rivera melted hearts for the cute and wholesome moment. And in Alexa’s new vlog, she couldn’t be more of a fan girl as her obsession with GMA Network’s Primetime Queen just flows endlessly. “I just think she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my 22 years of existence,” she gushes. She shares how Marian’s life serves as her “life peg,” her and her mom’s obsession with Marimar, her kilig over her and Marian’s IG correspondences, and just always being in awe with the latter’s “perfect” life story. “Parang fairy tale,” Alexa says of Marian’s career and journey, “ang sarap lang panoorin at tingnan. So yeah, she’s my idol.”


Alexa poses during PBB

We’re all aware that Alexa, Ang Smartista Unica Hija ng Pasig City, joined the celebrity edition of Pinoy Big Brother‘s 10th season where she also met KD Estrada, Ang Musical Wonderboy ng Parañaque. And in the vlog, after laughing over her PBB‘s moniker, Alexa delves into how it’s long been her dream to join the reality show and her plan of voluntary exit after two weeks if she ever gets selected. “Gusto ko lang ma-try makausap si kuya, mag-task, ‘yun lang,” shares Alexa. “Wala akong balak manalo or mag-finals, two weeks, out, alis.”

But 72 days later and after consistent nominations for eviction, Alexa has turned out to be one of the most supported housemates by the fans because of her realness and strong personality, much to Alexa’s surprise. But ultimately, the one-of-a-kind experience has taught Alexa a lot of things. “‘Yung pasensya ko, pinaka-humaba sa loob, sobrang lumawak ‘yung pang-unawa ko sa mga tao,” she says. “I didn’t realize I could do those things, I didn’t think I was that strong.” And about the things that she’s gained, Alexa couldn’t be more grateful for the fans whom she also considers her family and for having KD in her life because of the show.


A gif of KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad together

And speaking of her angel that is KD Estrada, Alexa spoils us with a lot of her kilig-inducing statements about her special relationship with him and their love team KDLex. “I dunno what to say, that’s correct,” responds Alexa as she reacts to the Google query about her and KD. “That’s the only name I want to be associated with.” She shares how they both have the same handler and how they’ve come full circle coming from their PBB story and now that they’ve become one of this generation’s hottest love teams. “KD [is my] one and only love team, and teammate, and…love.” Kilig!

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