7 Reasons Why KD Estrada And Alexa Ilacad’s Relationship Radiates Green Flag Energy

They are a walking, dancing, singing, acting, running, and smiling green flag.

Aside from being the breakout love team of 2022, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have that kind of goals relationship that any couple would want.

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KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad’s love team isn’t just for show. While some cynics see all love teams as artificial products who don’t feel for one another, that doesn’t apply for KDLex. Because even if their official relationship status remains slightly ambiguous, you cannot deny that there is chemistry there. And more importantly, you can feel the genuine love, friendship, and support between the two. From starting out as just housemates in PBB, they became fast friends, and soon something more and something special. The kind of relationship they have is one that most would wish to have. Let’s take a look then at some of the green flag behavior demonstrated by KDLex.


When Alexa first walked into the PBB house and KD was the first person to notice her, that should have been the sign that something special was brewing. Even if the two weren’t besties entering the house, that didn’t stop them from forming a friendship. In a past interview, Alexa has said that she wanted to hang out with KD because he saw that he was separate from the group. KD, who is naturally introverted and dealt with his personal struggles, always could count on Alexa being his shoulder to cry on. The fact that they were evicted at the same time and have said that they were each other’s biggest takeaways from the show should tell you as much.


As one of the biggest love teams right now, KDLex has legions of adoring fans. But they also have attracted haters. KD and Alexa are always at the ready to defend each other though. Some memorable moments include the time when KD clapped back at a hater who compared Alexa’s body to a gas tank. When jokes were thrown around about KD’s struggle with mental health, Alexa came to his defense, commending how he remains strong everyday and chided people who used depression as a joke. Don’t mess with either of them because their clapback game is strong.  


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How do you know if KD Estrada is a true gentleman? During one of their kumu lives, Alexa asked KD if he gets jealous when she is with other boys. He said yes, but didn’t want to show it in order to not make her feel bad. He expressed how it’s okay for Alexa to hang out with other boys because he isn’t possessive like that. When Alexa apologized for not knowing, he told her it was okay since it wasn’t her fault. That’s green flag behavior right there.


What’s a power couple if they don’t show support one another? When it comes to KDLex, KD and Alexa make sure to support each other. Whether it be in their love team or solo endeavors, you can always expect the two to be each other’s biggest supporters. In case you forget, there is one iconic moment from KD lore that saw him post on Twitter that he wore dark colors so Alexa could stand out in her dress. We love a duo who hype each other up.  


The chemistry between KDLex is as strong as how much they care for each other. You can see the genuine love they have for each other. In most of their interviews and social media posts, the two will always find time to share the sweetest words for each other like Alexa’s birthday post for KD. In fact, during the 2022 Star Magic Games, KD got injured and Alexa didn’t want KD to go back in the game like the concerning partner that she is. Meanwhile, during their first online fan convention, KD gifted Alexa a Cartier necklace to signify his feelings for her. There was also the time that Alexa surprised KD during an advanced screening of his Flex cover. One of our favorite moments though was this sweetest appreciation post KD shared on Instagram dedicated to Alexa. And that is on top of all the gentleman like behavior KD as shown towards Alexa in the past months.


Trust is one of the most important things a relationship needs in order for it to thrive. And that is something KDLex has in abundance. In past interviews, KD has shared that they trust each other no matter where their careers may go. Even if they may end up in projects without the other, that is ok because they know that is a part of their journey’s in life. Solo projects or ganap won’t get in the way of their love team. They understand that they are busy people and it’s okay if they may not always be together. That doesn’t take anything away from them.


Often, most relationships end up dissolving because of miscommunication or not saying anything at all. That isn’t the case for KDLex however. In an interview with Luis Manzano, Alexa shared that her biggest lesson from KDLex has been the importance of communication. “Hindi ka dapat ‘yung nagtatago or ‘yung nagkikimkim kasi kapag magalit siya or baka hindi niya maintindihan. When I feel something immediately, I tell him, ‘hey, this is how I feel right now’.” They don’t try to keep secrets from one another with their open communication. The fact that both speak so openly to each other tells you just how comfortable they are with each other. It just goes to show why talking to your partner will always be important.

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