Try These 5 Monochromatic Outfit Ideas By BLACKPINK’S Jennie Kim

She's always serving a monochrome moment.

If you think you’re not that Typa Girl, here’s how to style monochromatic outfits like Jennie Kim.

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It’s not like we’re keeping tally, but Jennie Kim is THAT typa girl (yes, pun intended). ICYDK, the lead vocalist and main rapper of BLACKPINK isn’t only recognized within the music scene, she’s also an actress and totally slaying it as a style icon. With top-tier brands signing her left and right, the ‘human Chanel’ brings her A-game to red carpets, concerts, and more runway shows than you can count. To top it all off, Jennie’s off-duty outfits scream in full volume. Now, if there’s one thing we noticed about her signature style, she is the happiest girl in monochromatic outfits.

No cap, spotting a celeb rocking an all-black ensemble isn’t exactly a shocker. And catching an influencer flexing on the Gram in complete neutrals? Totally normal. But going all-out over hot pink? A full fiery red? We must say, the monochrome style of Jennie Kim is a steal-worthy mood.

Classic Monochrome in Black

Making a statement demands more than just the threads—it demands attitude. And when we’re talking about Jennie Kim? She has consistently struck a balance between the good girl image and a bad girl edge. It’s a combo that’s undeniable, and a black monochromatic ensemble is a style straight from her playbook.

For a spontaneous trip to Paris, Jennie wore a head-to-toe tweed piece that costs a pretty penny. The shimmering tweed jacket and vest valued at ₱488,500 and ₱290,000 respectively. Of course, the whole Chanel look was complemented by a matching mini flap bag with a price tag of ₱295,300. Whew, that look is literally worth a million bucks.

Born Pretty in Pink

When Jennie Kim isn’t serving Chanel, she’s a frontrow fave in Jacquemus. Being a close friend of the fashion designer, Jennie her support to the brand, such as at the Spring 2022 runway show in Hawaii.

In a beach setting, the singer donned a knitted Pepto-Bismol set paired with accessories that were sweet, but not sugary. As spotted on the Gram, her fuchsia-pink Les Carrés Ronds sandals stole the show as a delightful treat. Needless to say, Jennie Kim was born pretty in pink.

Ravishing Reds

Spotted shortly in another runway show, Jennie played the classic Chanel fashion card. As the fiery face of iconic French house since 2018, she stunned in a red bouclé tweed set comprised of a cropped vest and a mini skirt. To accessorize, she stacked Coco Crush rings and a pearl choker with a double logo. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without an iconic Chanel handbag—Jennie’s bag of choice.

Lavender Haze

Whether she’s snapped by the paparazzi during her day-to-day activities or caught fresh from the airport, Jennie Kim’s off-duty style is effortlessly cool and cozy. As seen on Instagram, her lavender sweater and sweatpants combo serves as a refreshing reminder that we don’t have to compromise comfort for style.

Casual Cool in Blue

Graphic tees and cardigans doesn’t have to mean casual. Take a page from Jennie Kim’s style diary and look laidback in a blue monochrome. And if you wanna add a final touch, headbands are a no-fail accessory.

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