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OMG. Jennie Kim’s New Hair Might Be A Sign of BLACKPINK’s Comeback Very Soon


Remember when Rosé posted a selfie then Blackpink dropped comeback teasers afterwards? It looks a new dawn is upon us.

New hair, new era. Most K-Idols hide their hairstyles when their group’s comeback is nearing, but not for the girls of BLACKPINK. The members just like to leave us hanging whenever they debut their new hairstyles. Sounds familiar? Well, Jennie Kim just dropped a selfie yesterday with her new orange hair. “Dont talk to me or my new hair?,” she captions in a post that as of this writing has eight million likes. Damn.

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Are we ready for Ginger Jennie? One of the boldest in the group, she puts a twist on hair colors that eventually sets a trends such as the blonde dip-dye that took the world by storm in their previous era. The orange, almost peach shade of Jennie’s hair complements her fair skin, and yes, her bare face. How on earth were we blessed by not one, but six selfies all in all?

The inspiration? Milla Jovovich’s sci-fi character in the 90s, Leeloo. Jennie shared in her stories some snaps of the protagonist of futuristic film, The Fifth Element whose trademark was her fiery, orange hair. When you think about it, BLACKPINK’s leader as the fifth element just makes so much sense. But aside from the new look, most Blinks know that new hair might mean that a comeback is already on its way. For the record, Jennie already confirmed this back in March, but a date is still to be announced.

Welp, now that she’s posted her new hair, it could only mean one thing and Rose already did this in the past. Are we mentally ready for BLACKPINK’s return?

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