4 Times SZA Showed That She Was An Argie Roquero Stan

Can we trade places with Argie?

Argie Roquero really is that TikTok star if SZA herself is a vocal fan.

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Given the star that she is, SZA has fans all over the world. Her seminal Ctrl album alone has endeared her to millions and made her a playlist staple. And now that she finally made her long-awaited return with Shirt, we can continue to expect the R&B queen’s reign to continue. But celebrities, behind all the glitz and glamour, are regular people, too. And just like us, they have their faves. For SZA, one of her favs happens to be 19-year-old TikTok star Argie Roquero, whom she has followed on Instagram since late 2020.

Even though SZA and Argie have yet to meet in person, that hasn’t stopped their mutual admiration. Honestly, it’s a friendship that hasn’t surprised us completely given how both of them have a similar baddie vibe. (Even Rihanna and Doja Cat follow Argie on social media.) But still, seeing SZA fawn over Argie is a sight to behold and further proof that local creators can count global stars as part of their followers. Let’s take a look at the few times she showed love to Argie like the fan that she is.


If you scroll through Argie’s Instagram posts and see a “liked by SZA,” know that you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. SZA has on numerous occasions liked Argie’s IG posts, whether it be OOTDs, dance videos, or a simple out-and-about. It feels surreal for most to see their faves notice them. But for Argie, that’s just another notification from SZA.


SZA’s love for Argie doesn’t just end with liking his posts. She’s even been spotted a few times in his comments section. There was that one time she liked and complimented his dance prod on ASAP saying, “Ate that right uppp.” No lies detected SZA. She once wrote “We love you baby” in response to a post where Argie showed his appreciation for all the love he was getting. And SZA was very much all of us when she wrote “Yaasssss” to this video where he channeled his inner baddie.




♬ original sound – Argie Roquero ᵗᵈ

Imagine SZA calling you a b*tch and saying you gagged her. That’s a compliment we will be bragging for the rest of our lives. When SZA saw that Argie did a dance cover of her song Shirt on IG, the R&B hitmaker had no choice but to stan. Not only was she screaming with joy, but SZA also sent him a voice message calling it amazing. Argie Roquero is one of the few people in the world who can proudly say they did that.




♬ u moved on to whoeva – sped audios

Does Argie know something we don’t? Because the TikTok star and dancer has us speculating when he posted a TikTok video saying that he talked to SZA about her concert in the Philippines. Later on, Argie revealed that he chatted with SZA via IG DMs back in September saying that he would love to see her in Manila. She responded like the casual besties that they are and said that she would do it in a heartbeat if they asked her to. At this point, SZA better hold a concert in the country soon, and Argie needs to be there. He should even perform on stage with SZA because that’s what he deserves.

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