6 International Stars Who Had a Lowkey Crush on Liza Soberano

Don't cry because it's over. Cry because it's always Liza Soberano who gets the good ones!

Well, we can’t really blame them. Count us in on that long list of admirers smitten by Liza Soberano.

No lie, Liza Soberano is really THAT girl. Aside from constantly being on the list of the “Most Beautiful Celebrities” every year, Liza always had the brains to go side-by-side her beauty. Just take for example both of these international stars who can’t get over her. Oh, she really is a wonder isn’t she? Just like the rest of ’em, we’re hopelessly smitten by the woman they call, Hope.

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Thai actor Luke Plowden once attempted to shoot his shot and asked told Liza Soberano that both of them looked alike according to her Filipino fans. She responded days later, saying “hello long lost brother!” Note to self: only reply after two business days. Yep, we ship them, too.


liza soberano international stars notice charlie puth

Best believe that only Liza Soberano can politely turn down Charlie Puth’s invite to his concert. Never forget how smooth the singer was, tweeting her directly if she could come and watch. Charlie even narrated it on his set how he was so “attracted to Liza,” but she was busy. Ouch. Hoping she could see you again?


It’s unreal how Liza Soberano stole the heart of The Vamps’ member James Mcvey. He didn’t just post one selfie, but two in a span of a year! Naturally, the rest of the British group’s members followed her.


liza soberano international stars notice

Only Hope! How does one even get herself entangled in a love triangle with The Chainsmokers and Charlie Puth? Alex Pall who is 1/2 of the duo, also called Liza a “hot chick” in another interview. Hold her closer next time, maybe?


Even German-Russian DJ Zedd was no exception. In a past interview where he was shown photos of some of the prettiest Filipinas, Zedd went for Liza all the way. “Liza, you’re my pick.” Oof. That was smooth.


While we’re still waiting for that Liza Soberano and Justin Bieber one in a million interaction, let’s go back to the time when he actually followed her back on Twitter. Well, if you’ve got one of the biggest popstars on earth noticing you, we’d freak out, too.

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