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The ‘Marahuyo Project’ Will Make You Believe In Love Again

Be captivated with Marahuyo Project.

Marahuyo Project is a queer barkada series that has all the markings of being a one-of-a-kind youth-oriented show.

Recently, we’ve been seeing barkada shows popping up, which cater to our needs for entertainment and well, companionship. From IWantTFC’s high school squad in He’s Into Her and the idealistic Team Wise in Tara, G to the K-loving group of titas and young professionals in Viu’s K-Love, this year sees us reveling in love, heartbreak, teen-age angst, lots of kilig, and a comforting sense of togetherness. Adding to this lineup of shows is ANIMA’s newest offering that centers on queer love and friendship, Marahuyo Project

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ANIMA (formerly known as Globe Studios) has recently posted a surprise announcement on their social media pages about their upcoming romantic-comedy coming-of-age series titled Marahuyo Project. Created and directed by JP Habac, this new youth-oriented series is unlike any other show you’ve watched before because this time, it features a fresh, diverse, and gender-inclusive queer barkada that will surely make us laugh, cry, and above all, believe in love again.

While the full premise of the series has yet to be released, we have all the reasons to get hyped up about Marahuyo Project. First of all, JP Habac is known for heart-rending rom-coms I’m Drunk, I Love You and Dito at Doon, as well as the hit Boys’ Love series Gaya sa Pelikula, so we know that in the love and kilig departments, we can trust him. We can also expect some quality storytelling as the show is written by Juvy Galamiton, who wrote the award-winning romance film Us Again, and Benjamin Benson Logronio who’s one of the writers of the currently popular Gen Z historical series Maria Clara at Ibarra


Of course, another reason to get excited about Marahuyo Project is its diverse and talented cast which features familiar and fresh faces. In the teaser-slash-cast-introduction posted by ANIMA, we’re welcomed with a vibrant barkada starting with Tommy Alejandrino as Jose. Tommy recently won this year’s Cinemalaya Best Actor award for The Baseball Player, so his performance is something to look out for. The show also stars theater actress and singer Lance Reblando as Juvy and Ryle Santiago (who’s a former member of the dance group Hashtags) as Marco.

Influencer and podcaster Yani Villarosa is Lili whose love interest seems to be Nour Hooshmand’s Lorie. (Lili and Lorie sounds like a perfect match right?) Newcomers AJ Sison and Ian Villa star as Archie and Venice, respectively, who are seen in the teaser as a cute pair laughing together. Finally, we have Adrian Lindayag (The Boy Foretold by the Stars) and Neo France Garcia as King and Ino who punctuated the teaser with a kilig note as the characters look at each other rather romantically while sporting rainbow flags on their faces.

Marahuyo is an old Filipino word that means “to be enchanted.” And by the looks of it, Marahuyo Project has all the elements already to get us captivated as early as now. Tune in on ANIMA’s Facebook and Instagram pages to get the latest scoop about this one-of-a-kind barkada series that might just become our latest series obsession.

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