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The Coolest Places SB19 Has Ever Performed At

This is where SB19 is at.

SB19 has stepped on and performed at some impressive and culturally significant stages and locations over the years.

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SB19 is no stranger when it comes to performing on the stage. It’s part of their artistic DNA to get better and better every time they hit the stage. In their rollercoaster of a career, the boys have performed in a whole host of venues, from corporate affairs in their early years to the Araneta Coliseum for their multiple sold-out concerts. But with so many places that the group has performed in, some stand out, and for all of the right reasons. The locations helped make the performance more unique and memorable. Here are just some of the times SB19 decided to hold a performance outside your typical concert stage or platform.


When SB19 was tapped to perform at the international ROUND Festival at the beginning of the year, they needed a place to perform. That place so happened to be outside the Cultural Center of the Philippines where a stage and a cacophony of lights awaited viewers. Having the CCP in the background of the group’s entire performance didn’t just make for an epic sight, it also signaled that the boys were bringing Filipino culture to the world. Not a lot can brag that they turned the front lawn of the CCP into a festival stage.


For their PhilKor Fest 2020 performance, SB19 brought Filipino culture. And they did that with their indigenous-inspired outfits and performing at culturally significant locations. They started things with Alab while outside the National Museum of National History before switching to the heart of Luneta Park right in front of the Rizal Monument for Go Up.


Not only has the group performed outside the Natural History Museum, but they also sang inside its historic corridors. As part of their duties as cultural ambassadors, the group treated fans to a stirring performance of MAPA inside the main hall of the museum. They had the entire place to themselves as their beautiful vocals echoed through the museum’s large halls. They don’t just let anyone perform at the museum so it was a special moment.


A collaboration as special as SB19 and Ben&Ben needed a special venue. So, they decided to head to the historic Manila Metropolitan Theater. The decades-old architectural and artistic institution served as the location for the music video for MAPA (Band Version). Their performance together was history-making and it added to the long list of icons who have graced the culturally significant stage. The fact that their performance was the first one in the theater since its renovation made it even better. SB19 performing at yet another with ties to Philippine history? We’re sensing a running theme here.  


“From the Philippines to the world” was the theme of Ken’s special Global Spin performance for the GRAMMYs. Aside from the song he performed, BULAN, and his fit, Filipino inspiration was also very much present in where the performance was filmed. The ballroom set was located at the Teatrillo in Intramuros, a decades old house that traces its roots to the Spanish colonial era. It all made for a stage that was full of energy, stage presence, and angas.

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