summertime glow

Get Your Su-Su-Summertime Skin Glow Up With These Routine Must-Dos

Are you prepared to make the summer switch?

In the tradition of the constant that is change, even skincare has to adjust and adapt with the singular goal of meeting the basic needs, and well, a desired glow up.

Just as the skin is nuanced to every person, it therefore follows that no skincare is alike. Preferences aside, however, the way we we’ve been reared to understand it has been through categories that while it works to a certain extent, it doesn’t truly commit to what your skin actually needs. “We’re learning that everyone’s skin has a unique fingerprint—the bacteria living on your skin and even epigenetics affect how your skin looks,” explains Whitney Bowe, a New York-based dermatologist in an interview with Allure.

And as it is a canvas of life itself, it has to adapt to many conditions, circumstances, and changes. It no longer follows that if you file yourself as dry, oily, or a combination of both, then that becomes the rigor of your skincare for life. Much like how you ebb and flow to the times, so does your skin, especially in extremes or when you know, a summertime glow up is in order.

With the sun in full blast at the height of summer, it calls for an update in one’s skincare routine. Just like the clothes you wear, what works for other months won’t necessarily function as well as now. Adjustments have to be made with the singular goal of treating the skin right for its glow up moment. Factoring in the punishing heat and persistent humidity, certain products have to take a backseat for a while, with season-ready updates that will deliver the best results.


Scale, Swap, Switch

To really get into the glow up of your dreams, careful consideration is of utmost importance. This means really focusing on a mindful approach to skincare, preferences be damned. It may seem like an effort, scaling things back and swapping products around, especially when you’ve gotten comfortable to a routine, but experts assure that this switch will prove beneficial in the long run. “Making simple changes to your skincare habits and managing your stress could change your skin’s genetic destiny,” quips Bowe.

Unfortunately, skincare isn’t a one size fits all, nor is it a tick in the box. It is a lifelong process of being conscious of what the skin needs at a given period. So, if you want a glow up, and honestly, everyone wants to, complacency should be the farthest thing on your mind. Whether that means modifying moisturizers or skipping the trendy releases for tried and tested hydrating classics for summer, it has to be done. Otherwise, you run the risk of complicating things by messing with nature and her ways. I mean, if you react differently at a specific context, what more your skin, right?

This change might be off-putting at first, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of things. You can’t argue with science here, because when it works, boy does it do so in wonders.

Ready for a glow up by way of a timely and necessary skincare amendment? Well, look no further because here are some ways to make that summer switch.

First, Simplify

In the interest of summertime glow up, the skincare routine has to be simplified. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the bare minimum, but rather a considerate paring down. With the basics in place, this method of modification includes incorporating additions that are dual-purpose. Functioning as both an eye cream and total anti-aging treatment, the AHC Luminous Glow Eye Cream For Face is the latest innovation that fights multiple concerns, including skin brightening, firming, moisture improvement, and wrinkle reduction in 14 days. Gentle, as is a must for the eyes, but highly effective, like it means for anti-aging, the delicate yet fast-absorbing emollient works to give a healthy radiance just like its ambassador, Cho Hye Joo.

Lighten Up On The Creams

With the sun violently piercing through and the heat dialed up to an infernal level, the one point of concern to really address during the summer is hydration, or more specifically, the lack thereof. To counter dryness, clogging of pores due to sweat and oil build up, and inflamed skin, a sensible moisturizer is needed to strengthen that protective layer against harmful pollutants, chemicals, and aggressors.

Skip the heavy creams, because it runs the risk of weighing the skin down in more ways than one. Instead, pick up a lightweight version such as the Bioten Skin Moisture 24-Hour Moisturizing Gel Cream, a saffron-charged, satin-like formulation that drapes on the skin as if it were water. Not only does it deliver maximum hydration to parched skin, it also is committed to conscious beauty, with the brand being vegan-friendly, natural and sustainable, and responsibly sourced.

When It Comes To Oils, Keep The Essential

Contrary to popular belief, not all oils are to be steered clear from during the summer, especially when used accordingly and sparingly. Upholding centuries-old tradition of healing, the potency of these oils can do anything from treat acne scars to wrinkles, as well as create a sense of calm with its aromatherapy benefits. Aside from its pure form, the same benefits can be derived from essential oils integrated in products that are part of your daily routine.

Inching closer to a kinder world—to the self, to others, and to the planet—the up-and-coming local beauty brand, For Keeps, launches its premise of radically honest body care with its range of daily essentials formulated with cold pressed coconut, extra virgin olive oil, and 100% pure essential oils. With clean and honest beauty to its name, the brand introduces its body care collections of cleansing bar soap, hand and body wash, hand liquid soap, and hand sanitizer, namely the Cleanse: Refresh + New and Protect: Defend + Hydrate (tea tree, peppermint, and lemongrass essentials oils), Arise: Energize + Uplift (citrus essential oils), and Unwind: Reset + Relax (lavender essential oil).

You Want The Glow Up? Exfoliate

What should already be part of your skincare routine, exfoliating cannot be emphasized enough in the summer. You still shouldn’t overdo the sloughing away, but because of the layers of patchy, dry skin and deep-seated congestion in the skin, a gentle exfoliant, preferably in a light foam is increasingly imperative in the seasonal transition. If you are into hardworking, multi-functional products, then the Deoproce Green Caviar Facial Cleanser is your best bet. With its introduction of sea jewel, this import from Korea carefully buffs out the skin of old waste and dead skin cells, boosting skin moisture, creating clear, glowing skin.

Never Forget: Sunscreen

At this point, there is no excuse, putting on sun protection is an absolute must—all year round, every few hours, and even indoors. To shield oneself from UVA and UVB rays, maintain skin in optimal condition, and assuage aging, experts agree on liberal applications of SPF 30 or higher on exposed skin. A standout in the recently launched BYS Skin line, the silky and absorbent Extra Effortless Pore Perfecting Sunblock does all that defending and more, blending protective ingredients, PA++++ (the gold standard in sun protection), and oil controlling properties. Even more? You can use it as an effective, multitasking primer before proceeding with another manifestation of a glow up through makeup.

The Tried And Trusted Wins, Always

When it comes to a conundrum, you can claim your faith on the good ‘ol classics, especially where the skin is concerned. If a glow up is the goal, then nothing beats the essentials that have been known to work consistently over time. Tracing its trajectory of tenure from the legendary apothecary in New York to a skincare cult-favorite, Kiehl’s has withstood the test of time with its commitment for personalized service, 170 years and going strong, in fact.

To celebrate the legacy of its heritage, as well as of its portfolio of high-quality formulas, emphasis on customer relationships, and excellent service, Kiehl’s introduces two milestone markers of its all-time favorite products in limited-edition packaging: the Commemorative Collection and Heritage Collection. With the former, you can achieve smooth and refreshed skin with the brand’s bestsellers, including the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, Ultra Facial Cream, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Meanwhile, with the latter, a skin-soothing selection is offered by reissuing classics such as the Heritage French Rosewater Toner, Essence Oils in Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking, and Jinx-Removing and Glycerin Scented and Unscented Soaps. A commitment to quality, these unique formulas and effective products, all housed in beautiful white and gold packaging and a cabinet-shaped box, which further the dedication to its mission and vision since 1851.

From the month of May, the Commemorative and Heritage Collections will be available in all stores, on the official website, and on the Kiehl’s store on Lazada. For more deals and exclusives, join the Super Brand Day of Kiehl’s.