7 Stray Kids Tracks To Get You Pumped For Their Manila Concert

The power of SKZ.

Before Stray Kids demolishes MOA Arena this weekend, let these tracks serve as your pre-concert hype playlist.

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The most-awaited moment for Filo Stays is finally here. After their second concert in Manila was initially canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, Stray Kids is finally heading back to the country for a two-day concert at MOA Arena. As part of their Maniac world tour, the boys are returning to Manila at the time when they’ve reached A-list status and are armed with a new cadre of hits Stays are ready to hear live. And based on tweets from Inang, it seems as if Maniac in Manila is going to be epic.

But before MOA Arena and its surroundings experience SKZ mania on March 11 and 12, let’s get that hype playlist going with these selections of the group’s tracks. They’ll either get you pumped for the concert or ever so lessen that FOMO.


There really is something about Felix’s deep voice and choruses. If listening to the track alone is enough to get us hyped, we can already imagine how the crowd is going to act. And don’t get us started on the choreography during the pre-chorus.


After so long, Filo Stays will finally be able to hear and watch this live, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is this track considered the breakthrough moment for the boys, but it just slaps from start to end. We’ll be having our phones pointed at Hyunjin to see how he does his iconic “ne sonnim.”


It feels appropriate that Stray Kids named this track what it is because it can feel like thunder booming in your ears when listening to it. Changbin gets out of the gate running as he starts the track with his fire bars. It rarely lets up until the end. It’s the kind of track to listen to when you want to pay your haters no mind.  


Ah, the queen herself. This classic Stray Kids anthem remains one of the group’s best, and that is for a reason. From the verses to the pre-chorus, rave-inducing beat drop, and more, all the pieces of this track just fit together like the perfect puzzle. MIROH really is fitting of being the song that won the boys their first music show win.


The beauty of Stray Kids is that they unapologetically do things their way. Take Back Door, for example, their complete smash from 2020. Trap, electronic, R&B, jazz, and even some airhorns all come together for a song that can rile any crowd, such as their upcoming one in Manila. The cheeky start and end lay the groundwork for the bravado this song radiates.


3RACHA and DallasK were in their producer bag when they made the nasty beat for VENOM. The track makes its presence known in the first second and doesn’t let go of the listener’s attention. And the buzz we get from hearing Hyunjin’s rap verse is unlike any other. It tickles the ears in all the right spots.


Only Stray Kids could combine pop, EDM, trap, and guitar riffs to make an absolute banger that just makes sense. From the earworm of a pre-chorus to IN’s “ja hana dul set CHEESE,” the track moves with the kind of ferocity you expect from SKZ. And the fact that it serves as their clapback to haters who made fun of them for God’s Menu makes it even better.

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