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Oh, So You Want To Stan BINI? Here Are 8 Songs You Can Listen To First

Your starter guide to The Nation's Girl Group.

Consider this a starting point for the fun, colorful, and talented world of BINI.

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Anyone who has closely followed P-pop would know that BINI was always worth following and supporting. But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and that is precisely what is happening with BINI. The P-pop girl group is currently on a steady rise as a red-hot artist on the scene. Constantly going viral on social media, being the most streamed P-pop group and female OPM artist on Spotify, and an anticipated solo concert are just some of the latest achievements of the girl group. 

Every day, BINI makes new fans, and if you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of those. So, whether you’re BINI-curious, a new or casual fan, or just looking for a BINI refresher, here’s a starting guide on the hottest girl group in the Philippines.  


Referred to as “The Nation’s Girl Group”, BINI is an eight-member P-pop girl group from ABS-CBN composed of members Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena. The group was formed through Star Hunt Academy (SHA), and there is a YouTube series you can watch chronicling the group’s trainee days and all the work they put into their debut. It’s a compelling watch if you want an in-depth look at their origins. 



Their name, BINI, is short for binibini, which symbolizes the group’s mission to embody the modern Filipina. Their fandom, meanwhile, is called BLOOMs. BINI debuted in 2021 with Born To Win and has since released two studio albums and one EP. They are set to hold their very first solo concert this June 28-29 called BINIverse at the New Frontier Theater. But given how in-demand the group is these days, finding a ticket won’t be easy. 

What about their music? Nothing but bops, some of which we highlighted below. These are just a sample of BINI’s biggest and best songs that you need to check out if you haven’t already. Consider this list an essential playlist if you want to know what BINI is all about.


Even during their pre-debut era, BINI already showed signs of stardom. Serving as the group’s pre-debut single, this electropop remake of the Ryan Cayabyab original is the definition of catchy. Fun, energetic, upbeat, and playful, Da Coconut Nut is pure bubblegum pop bliss, which is no wonder the earworm went viral in 2020. This is where it technically all started and showcased the energy BINI was bringing to the scene. 


On June 4, 2021, the world was officially introduced to BINI with the release of their debut single, Born To Win. The confidence-boosting pop track served as a great start to the group’s journey with its message of self-assuredness and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Their debut song hits, especially with that instrumental that perks up the ears the moment it starts. 


BINI’s debut LP Born To Win had its fair share of bops like Golden Arrow and Kinikilig. But none captured the zeitgeist quite like Na Na Na. The song, which talks about the initial feelings of falling in love, is an earworm from start to finish that will be stuck in your head for a while. It’s a solid P-pop song that harkens to the OPM bubblegum songs of the early 2010s with its bright and wholesome energy. For a time, the song was the group’s biggest hit and became a viral trend on TikTok to the point K-pop idols were dancing to it. Even during their debut year, BINI already had the hits. 


It’s not an exaggeration to say that BINI are masters of making P-pop love songs. They have the perfect formula for OPM pop romance that just does it. Such is the case with Lagi, the first single released off their 2022 Feel Good album. From the lyrics, production, and vocals, Lagi hits the mark as a modern love song and wonderfully captures the feeling of having butterflies when you think about that special someone.  


While BINI is known for their upbeat pop songs, the girls can also slow it down and deliver the vocals. Not convinced? Just listen to Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi. Co-written by Nica Del Rosario, who also penned other BINI hits such as Na Na Na, the track aims straight for the heart with its touching message of wanting to spend more moments with that special someone. The nearly five-minute power ballad captivates as a showcase of the group’s emotional and vocal flair. The vocals are vocaling.  


A group of queens once said,” Buhay ay ‘di karera”. And that passage came from their first single off their Talarawan EP. Aside from being a certified bop, Karera hits home with its all-too-important message of realizing that life is not a career and there’s no need to treat everything like a competition. BINI teaches us to slow down, chill, and appreciate life for what it is, a much-needed message many Gen Z can relate to and take to heart. 


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that P-pop girl group of them all? The moment Maloi begins the song with “Oh, hello there, misteryoso”, you’ll be bopping until its end. It’s catchy, infectious, and hits all the right notes. Who knew a track on wanting a crush to reciprocate your feelings could be so addicting? 


Ah, the queen herself. There’s a reason why the song is the group’s biggest hit to date with more than 15 million streams on Spotify alone. BINI brings us to a tropical island destination we never want to leave as they inject the essence of summer in Pantropiko. This is what the song of the summer is supposed to sound like as it’s 3 minutes and 45 seconds of pure sunny bliss and vibes.

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