BINI Taalarawan a song for every mood

BINI Has A Song For Every Era In Your Life With ‘Talaarawan’

Writing it all down.

As the title suggests, BINI’s ‘Talaarawan’ promises a song for every era, capturing the essence of each moment, each memory, and each emotion.

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BINI is on a roll, and they’re not showing signs of slowing down. Just when you thought their summer anthem Pantropiko was the peak, the Nation’s Girl Group surprised fans by dropping their debut EP earlier this month—Talaarawan.

Literally translating to ‘diary’, the EP is like flipping through the pages of your life’s story. With every track, BINI wants you to feel like you’re confiding with your trusty pen and paper in hand. From finding someone special to the rollercoaster ride of adulthood, Talaarawan has a song for every era in your life. So, get ready to dance through the chapters with BINI’s beats and relatable lyrics.

Ang Huling Chacha

Dear Diary, I’m backsliding.

With Ang Huling Chacha, the infectious beats of the girl group’s music intertwine with a tale of dancing between moving on and holding on. Despite the lively rhythm, the song delves into the rollercoaster of emotions experienced when trying to bid farewell to the past while still clutching onto one last chance. 

The chorus echoes a sentiment that hits home for anyone who’s ever felt stuck in the cycle of progress and setbacks: it’s like taking one step forward only to find yourself doing the ‘two-steps-back’ shuffle. So, while the tune might make you want to dance, its message cuts deep, reminding us all that life’s dance floor isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like it to be.

Diyan Ka Lang

Dear Diary, I found a special someone who makes me feel safe.

Diyan Ka Lang captures that magical feeling we all crave. Falling in love kicks off with fireworks, sure, but it’s the cozy, can’t-get-enough-of-you phase that really steals the show. You know the one—where being apart feels like a crime?

It’s like those lyrics say, ‘Cause every time that we’re together, I’ma feelin’ It’s like a fantasy, I’m stayin’ and I’m never leavin’. They’re like a love letter to finding that special someone who’s your safe harbor, making you want to stick around for the long haul, never letting them slip away.


Dear Diary, I need to slow down.

Karera, much like the timeless anthem Vienna by Billy Joel, taps into an emotional chord that resonates deeply with its ~adulting~ audiences. Its essence is simple: slow down.

In a fast-paced world where the pressure to have it all figured out weighs heavily on our shoulders, Karera offers a soothing balm for our restless minds. It gently reminds us that life isn’t a frantic race to some ill-defined finish line but a beautiful drive meant to be savored at every turn.

As the lyrics affirm, ‘Sa bawat panibagong umaga, Ang pagsimula muli ay isang tagumpay na,’ it becomes crystal clear that true fulfillment lies not in the accumulation of possessions or achievements, but in the simple act of being present and embracing each moment along the way.


Dear Diary, I think it’s summer love.

Pantropiko is the hottest song of this season—and for good reason. It’s not your typical roadtrip track; it’s a mood booster, a sunshine-infused anthem that brings the best of summer straight to your ears.

And when we’re talking about a little romance, BINI doesn’t do slow and romantic when it comes to summer love—they crank up the energy to eleven. Imagine a romcom montage where the lovers are living their best lives, and Pantropiko is the soundtrack that makes you feel like every moment with your special someone is an endless summer of love and laughter.

Na Na Nandito Lang

Dear Diary, I’m feeling a little lonely.

In the pages of our diaries, moments of loneliness suddenly sneak in. Then again, amidst the solitude, there’s solace to be found. Na Na Nandito Lang emerges as a comforting whisper, reminding us that we’re not alone in our struggles. Like a reassuring conversation with oneself, the song becomes a potent source of inner strength, urging us to push through the challenges.

So, as you confide in your diary, let these words echo within: ‘Wag kang susuko, ‘wag magpatalo. Ano mang pagsubok ng mundo.’

Salamin, Salamin

Dear Diary, I hope he likes me back.

Working through the complexities of modern romance can often feel like deciphering a cryptic code. It’s a sentiment familiar to many—a longing for assurance, a glimmer of hope that these feelings are mutual.

Enter Salamin Salamin, a melody that resonates deeply within the hearts of those stuck in uncertain situationships or unrequited romances. In a world where mixed signals have become an art form, this track literally screams ‘Better say it now, it’s not too late. I’m ready to be called your princess.’

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