BINI Continues To Chomp Streaming Records Left And Right


BINI breaking records and making historic firsts feels correct.

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Throwback to January 2024, and the BINI then feels like a world away from the BINI now. With their talent, charm, charisma, and not to mention their collection of ear candy bangers, it really was only a matter of time before BINI got the mainstream recognition they deserved. And that time is now. In just a few months, BINI has gone from P-pop gem to one of OPM’s biggest artists on the scene. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Philippines is currently experiencing BINI-mania with how the nation has become highkey obsessed with the eight-member girl group. And their breakthrough isn’t just limited to a viral track, but mainstream success that extends throughout their entire discography. As people continue to appreciate their talent, it’s no wonder major milestones have been following the girls these past months. No hyperbole here, just facts. 


Last May 13, BINI cemented their status as 2024’s biggest breakthrough act when they became the most streamed OPM artist on Spotify PH. Yeah, you read that right. To put that into perspective, the only artist above BINI in the Spotify PH streaming charts is Taylor Swift. And speaking of Taylor Swift, BINI joins the global superstar as the only female musician to reach 1 million daily streams on Spotify PH for one track (which they achieved with Pantropiko). 



The feat made BINI the first Filipina and the only group to achieve the distinction. We love seeing women win. This is on top of the Perfect All-Kill BINI scored when Pantropiko topped the Spotify PH, Apple Music PH, and YouTube PH charts simultaneously. 

If that wasn’t enough, with over 5.4 million monthly listeners and counting, BINI not only is the most streamed OPM group on Spotify at the moment but also the No. 1 OPM female and girl group on Spotify PH. Also, BINI is the first P-pop group in history to surpass 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a number that is sure to climb over the coming weeks. 


The best part of all this is that BINI’s success isn’t just driven by Pantripoko going viral. Their momentum is seeing their entire discography rise like a high tide that is lifting all boats and bringing tracks like Lagi and Na Na Na past the 10 million streams mark on Spotify. 



It’s safe to say that we’re currently living through a pop culture moment that will be talked about when we look back on 2024 in December. We can already envision the awards and recognition at the end of the year. The last time we had a track go next-level viral like Pantropiko was juan karlos’ ERE. But BINI’s whole discography and artistry capturing the cultural zeitgeist? Now that’s a flex. BINI is currently in their slaying era, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

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