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BINI’s Na Na Na Is Going So Viral Even K-pop Idols Are Doing The Dance Challenge

BINI and SEVENTEEN collab when?

What do SEVENTEEN’S Joshua, NCT’s Jaemin, and ENHYPEN’s Sunoo all have in common? They’ve all done BINI’s Na Na Na dance challenge.

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Often, it’s regular people who participate in the latest dance challenges from our favorite K-pop idols. Even many of our own P-pop groups aren’t strangers to giving their take on the latest dance crazes taking over TikTok (and slaying them). But every now and then, a dance on TikTok goes so viral that even K-pop idols have to participate in them. Just look at Rose, Jennie, and Lisa’s now iconic take on the Jiggle Jiggle trend. And as of this writing, BINI’s Na Na Na is currently taking over TikTok to the point where K-pop idols have even done the dance challenge. If ever you wanted to know how SEVENTEEN’S Joshua and NCT’s Jaemin would look like dancing to a P-pop song, your wish has been granted.


In case you’ve been out of the loop, BINI’s Na Na Na has been exploding on TikTok as of late. Ever since fans got to first here the song when it was included in their Born To Win debut album, it has become a standout and fan favorite thanks to its uber catchy tune and fun vibe. Like with their other songs Da Coconut Nut and Lagi, Na Na Na harkens back to a time of what OPM pop used to sound like. Not only is Na Na Na a bop, but it’s cute bubblegum pop aesthetic is an earworm for many, even those outside the P-pop group’s fandom.

Over the months, the Na Na Na hype has been building, especially as of late. On Spotify, it’s currently their most popular song. And on TikTok, the official sound has been used nearly 500,000 times. The catchy love song even had SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and NCT’s Jaemin doing the dance. For Joshua, it happened during a fancall when a Pinoy fans asked him to do the dance. He happily obliged and he looked so cute doing so.

And as for Jaemin, him dancing to Na Na Na also happened during a fancall. A fan asked the NCT Dream member to do the dance challenge, which he did and made us fall in love with him even more. (It also quite fitting he did a dance to a song called Na Na Na and his last name is Na.)

@fleurleyn jaemin did the bini dance challenge, sheytt kyut ? cr vid: ayahauls #jaemin #nct #nctdream #fyp #fypシ ♬ Na Na Na – BINI

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo also tried the Na Na Na dance challenge. Thank you to the ENGENE who asked him to do this because he gave one of the cutest covers yet. The covers hit even better knowing that Shenna is an ENGENE herself. Sana all. (And while she didn’t dance to Na Na Na, we also should give a shoutout to former CLC member and current K-pop soloist Sorn who danced to Lagi.)

And just recently, the king of fan service aka GOT7’s BamBam did it too when he did the moves with a fan during his Manila fansigns. Fansigns are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

@peebs7 Wish do come true!! Finally got to dance with bambam!! #bambamgot7 #bambamfansignmnl #bambamfansignmanila #bambam #biniph #nananachallenge #fyp #kpop @bambamxabyss ♬ Na Na Na – BINI


Among all the things fans could have asked their fave idols to do during their limited time in a fancall, these fans asked them to dance to Na Na Na. And for that, we will forever be grateful. Normally, it’s usually P-pop idols dancing to K-pop, something that the members of BINI are pros at. But now the tables have turned and we finally have K-pop idols dancing to P-pop songs. The song deserves the attention it’s getting right now as the nation’s girl group really got people around the world dancing. To think, the Na Na Na dance challenge was started by a fan that has since blown up to be something bigger. Who knows, we might see TikTok kings TXT dancing to a P-pop song one day.

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