BINI Sheena’s ZOOM Challenge Cover Was So Good Even Jessi Had To Stan

Talent recognizing talent.

As the main dancer of BINI, it’s no secret that Sheena can bust a move. So much so that even K-pop star Jessi had no choice but to stan.

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Despite what some may say, being a P-pop idol is more than just good looks. It takes grit, hard work, and most importantly, talent to succeed in the industry. When you see young P-pop idols take to the stage and perform just as good as the best of them, that is because they have had months if not years of training to hone their talents to impress no matter what stage they are on. So, it’s no wonder then that a few P-pop idols have built followings on TikTok thanks to their slick dance moves and seeming mastery of whichever new song is making the rounds on the platform.

And just recently, BINI’s very own Sheena scored herself an uber viral TikTok hit when she did the ZOOM challenge to Jessi’s new song. And her cover was so good that the K-pop star herself saw it and had to share it to her followers.


@10382aaaabc ? #zoomchallenge #챌린지크리에이터 ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

Released just this last April 13, ZOOM is Jessi’s latest hit that has been making the waves around the internet. Cold Blooded was that baddie song we needed for 2021 and she hit it out of the park again with ZOOM. Showcasing both Jessi’s rap and versatile singing voice, ZOOM is all about feeling your best self. When we first heard the song, we could already tell the track, especially it’s LSS-inducing chorus, was primed for TikTok virality. And true enough, it has.

If you’ve been on TikTok these past few days, then you may have come across someone who has done the ZOOM Challenge or used the song as a sound for a video. As of this writing, the official ZOOM sound has been used over 815,000 times and counting while #zoomchallenge has over three billion views. The ZOOM Challenge has already brought us some viral videos, including one where Jessi dances with the watermelon squad AKA Soobin and Yeonjun from TXT.


@bini_sheena #zoomchallenge #zoominzoomoutchallenge ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

BINI’s Sheena was one of the many who tried their hand at the challenge. The girl group’s bunso is no stranger to posting dance covers on her TikTok, but her ZOOM cover really zoomed across TikTok. Dressed in all-black with matching shades, Sheena killed it and with the help of the Body Zoom effect, it looked as if she was 6 ft. tall even though she’s only 5’4”. As of this writing, the video has over 52 million views, 6.7 million likes, and 25,300 comments. The video also currently sits as the second most like video using the ZOOM sound. And among the millions who have seen and liked the cover is Jessi herself who commented on the post. “So smooth girl,” she wrote followed by three fire emojis. Jessi even shared it on her IG stories to her 10 million followers. BINI’s main dancer did that!

Sheena wasn’t the only member of BINI who did the ZOOM Challenge. Colet and Mikha posted one too and they’re worth the watch. This actually isn’t the first time BINI has been recognized by global stars. They posted a group cover of NIKI’s Every Summertime on TikTok which got the seal of approval from 88rising themselves. Once again, let us all say it, Sana All!

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