Signs You Should Breakup

He’s Loyal, But… 8 Signs You Should Consider Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend Even Though He’s Not Cheating

We're not settling for less.

If you’re reading this, take it as another sign to wave the white flag.

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If red flags are heart-shaped confetti, it’s time to reconsider where we draw the line in relationships. Is it flirting with women at the bar or following another woman on Instagram? Somehow, it’s all about cheating because we’ve set the bar laughably low that ‘the one’ is synonymous with a loyal man. Here’s the thing: being faithful and able to keep it inside their pants is the bare minimum. They shouldn’t get a standing ovation for doing what they should be doing from the get-go, and trust me, that’s definitely not a reason to settle in a relationship.

Along the lines of ‘OMG, he called me when he said he would,’ ‘he made me breakfast,’ and ‘he introduced me to his friends,’ we’ve obviously set the bar too low—at this point, it’s on the floor. Trusting him to go out with friends on a Friday night isn’t enough, ever. ‘He’s loyal, but…‘ There’s always a ‘but,’ and if you’re uncertain about whether you’re compromising, here are some grounds for ending your relationship, even if he hasn’t been unfaithful.

He’s loyal, but he makes me cry…

Staying in a toxic relationship isn’t thrilling, poetic, nor beautiful. You shouldn’t spend your nights crying and obsessing over his mistakes, shortcomings, and red flags. While we shouldn’t rely entirely on our partners, boyfriends are there to make life a little more bearable. If a ‘healthy’ relationship deliberately inflicts pain, it’s probably time to part ways.

He’s loyal, but he makes me feel guilty…

Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. It’s important to remember that loyalty shouldn’t come at the cost of your own happiness and self-expression. Feeling guilty for pursuing passions, going out with friends, and being yourself are telltale signs of an unsupportive partner. While you can ‘delulu‘ yourself into believing that they have your best interest at heart, they don’t.

He’s loyal, but he makes me wait…

If he wanted to, he would. Waiting, whether it’s for him to finally change or for him to call, can be a source of frustration. It’s time to stop chasing; consistently making you wait for his time and attention? That’s not just an inconvenience; it’s downright disrespectful. Remember, you’re worth more than a waiting game, and it’s not a wise move to push for something that isn’t happening anytime soon.

He’s loyal, but he can’t communicate his feelings…

You can’t make it work… not alone at least. Partners who struggle to communicate feelings, whether it’s because they’re carrying old baggage, dealing with insecurities, or speaking a different language, are in for some hurtful consequences—think misunderstandings, keeping all those frustrations bottled up, and the emotional equivalent of being ghosted. It ruins relationships because loyalty offers security, but communication fosters intimacy.

He’s loyal, but he doesn’t meet my needs.

How he treats you is how he feels about you. Love isn’t about finding the perfect person, but the perfect partner should recognize your worth without needing constant reminders. When you find yourself repeatedly in the position of explaining your needs and setting boundaries, it’s a clear sign of a person who isn’t meant for you.

He’s loyal, but he doesn’t share my interests…

He can’t be interested in you, but not the things you love. Having differences doesn’t make your relationship doomed. However, when you’re trying to learn music, immersing in new hobbies, and building better habits, and your partner couldn’t care less about them—well, that’s a different story.

He’s loyal, but he says things out of anger…

Anger isn’t a response, remember that. The truth is, everyone experiences anger—how we move forward makes the difference. We might miss those red flags from time to time, but here’s the deal-breaker: never settle for a relationship with someone who can’t control their anger, constantly criticizes your mistakes, and refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

We Don’t Share The Same Goals

One thing that seriously stings in a relationship is when partners have different dreams. No matter how deeply you care for each other, if you’re not heading towards the same goals in life, the relationship wouldn’t work in the long run. In case one of you considers compromising, picture a life that the other isn’t 100% content.

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